As late as the end of February, upcoming romantic Chinese drama "Diamond Lover" (克拉恋人), staring South Korean megastar Rain (TESIRO Jewelry CEO "Xiao Liang") and popular Chinese actress Tiffany Tang ("Mi Dou"), was still filming its 40 episodes, though broadcast dates have not yet been released. What has been released, though, and regularly by both Director Chen Ming Zhang and the official "Diamond Lover" Weibo account, are eye-pleasing still photos from the episodes-in-production and the set.

What a treat. Thumbs up, Mr. Director!

Here are my 12 favorite Rain and Tiffany shots -- so far, and my 2 cents along with them.

If you're the head of the largest diamond company in the world (kaCHING $$$$) and driving around in a car like that, the last thing you should be doing is looking sour and plain irritated. Unless you've got woman problems.

That's better.

Uh-oh. Usually when you see a bride on a drama doing this, something has run off the rails. *sigh*

That's better!

His lips are moving, but she ain't listening.

Now, now, gentlemen... Co-star Fu Fangjun (傅方俊, in the blue turtleneck), who plays "Han Bin", is about to get his butt handed to him by CEO Rain.

Back-hug! With the script and without the script, maybe? You know it was cold on the set for Rain to be in that ski wear between shots. Brrrrrr.

Nothing like a good wine and some slippers.

Has CEO Rain been stood up? Or maybe he's early.

And a fun bonus: This isn't a still, but a photo of Rain snapped by someone on set. Watch where you're driving! LOL

"Diamond Lover" is one of the most anticipated dramas this year in China and will be globally distributed by DMG Entertainment in Beijing, who has most recently co-produced Hollywood films Iron Man 3, Transcendence, and Looper.

Stay tuned, folks.

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