Becoming a true selfie expert can be hard. Sure, there are selfie sticks to help out, but what if you need both hands to do aegyo and no one around to help you capture it on film? Well, these selfie-takers have it all figured out with the new method of taking a selfie with just one foot.

1. Oh, just resting peacefully...

...but not too peacefully to take a selfie...

2. Proper cuteness requires two hands:

3. The trouble with being all alone is that no one can take a picture of you taking a one-footed picture of yourself. Mirror to the rescue!

4. Using one foot frees up both hands to get into proper cosplaying character

5. Now this guy is just showing off. He isn't even using his hands to do anything else!


6. Of course, flexibility is required to get the proper selfie angle.


7.  Are both of her hands even in the shot? A+ for effort anyway.

8. With the one-footed selfie, you never have to exclude one person to go take a group picture again!


What do you think of this latest trend? Will you be practicing your toe dexterity to allow for more selfie options, or will you stick with the old fashioned way?

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