We just talked about K-drama actors who leaped from second lead syndrome to stardom, but some K-drama actors aren't so lucky. There are a few tried and true actors and actresses who have more than proven their abilities in multiple second lead roles, and for some mysterious reason, they have yet to play a romantic lead in a drama. Here's who we would love to see breaking out of the second lead rut and getting their chance at romance!

1. Kim Ji Suk

Poor, poor Kim Ji Suk. Not only is he always stuck playing the second male lead, but half of the time, he doesn't even get to be the nice second male. If you like seeing him acting cold and heartless that much, why not just make him a male lead CEO and still let him find love sometime? Because I don't know if I can handle watching him be left in the dust one more time.

2. Wang Ji Won

Maybe it's because of her background in ballet, but Wang Ji Won just exudes elegance when she's on the screen. Instead of seeing what she can do in a leading role, however, the I Need Romance 3 and Fated to Love You actress is stuck as the second fiddle yet again, this time in Divorce Lawyer in Love. Maybe next time's the charm?

3. Kim Jae Wook 

Remember how Kim Jae Wook didn't even have any lines in Who Are You and he still gave everyone all kinds of second lead feels? Yeah, me too. Let's not make that same mistake again, shall we?

4. Kim Seul Gi

Kim Seul Gi has carved out a special second female niche as the "hilarious best friend," and her next role as a lusty virgin ghost in Oh My Ghost looks like it's set to continue that trend. As much as I love watching Kim Seul Gi stealing scenes from everyone else, she wouldn't have to steal anything if you just made her the lead in the first place. Main characters can be funny too!

5. Lee Pil Mo

Seriously, what do we need to do to get this guy a leading role? I mean, how many second male leads can one man possibly play? Do we need to start a Twitter campaign? Because I'm totally on board. #MakeLeePilMoTheLead #LoveforPilMo

6. Philip Lee

Okay, so I would settle to see Philip Lee again in anything, but I mostly just want a spin-off series where his Secret Garden character finds true love.

7. Lee Ki Woo

Oh, the Pillar. Sure, he's dating Flower Boy Ramen Shop costar Lee Chung Ah in real life, but that hardly makes up for the many, many times he came in second. Let's just cast them together in a new drama! At least we know the chemistry will be real.

8. Kim Yo Ri

She showed some serious comedic abilities in The Master's Sun, but sadly, she tends to get typecast in "evil second lead" kinds of roles. Is it prejudice against her short hair? Because I'm pretty sure she can just get extensions or grow it out or something.

9. Han Jung Soo

He's talented. He's handsome. He has a voice to die for. Remind me again what the problem is? If you're looking for a leading man instead of a flower boy, look no further.

10. Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won has played important and memorable roles in ensemble shows like What's UpHeirs, and To the Beautiful You, but she has yet to headline her own drama aside from a recent web series with So Ji Sub. In Descendants of the Sun, she will be reuniting with the writer of Heirs to play — you guessed it — the second female lead. I would love to see what she can do as the main character in a full-length series.

Are there any other longtime second leads who you would love to see in a starring role? Share your thoughts in the comments! You can also check out this list for some younger actors who haven't been pining away in second lead-dom quite as long, but who have still caught our attention.

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