Actor Jung Il Woo is currently starring in The Night Watchman's Journal as Lee Rin, the heir to the throne who prefers to live his life as a watchman so he can protect the people from supernatural enemies, further proving that he is a master of roles. Since he can also sport any look that his playful personality desires, here are 10 perfect photos to show all of the different sides of Jung Il Woo!

1. Stunning model. That gaze is on point...

2. Fun-loving globetrotter.

3. Long-haired hipster.

4. Irresistible badboy. Those arms...

5. Indie rocker. We can forgive his fondness for loafers without socks.

6. Precocious flower boy. That smile is amazing.

7. Sporty jock.

8. Hardworking businessman.

9. Adorable nerd.

10. Playful actor. I could not resist and I am not ashamed!

What is your favorite side of Jung Il Woo? Are you watching his drama The Night Watchman's Journal?

Watch episode 1 here:

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