Without a doubt, romance is a central theme in K-dramas. Watching the relationship blossom between the main couple is crucial to the majority of drama story lines. So if the main couple wants to spend a special day together, where do they go? From Jeju Island to the Han River, the best locations keep popping up on the screen!

I’ve put together this list of 10 of the most popular date spots that appear time and time again in K-dramas. Which place do you like the most?

1. Namsan Tower

This iconic spot right in the center of Seoul is perfect for sightseeing as well as declaring your undying love to your significant other. There is a place here where couples can place decorated locks with their names and then literally throw away the key. So romantic!

As seen in My Love from Another StarDating Agency Cyrano

2. Jeju Island

Looking for a romantic getaway in Korea? If dramas have taught me anything, it’s that Jeju Island is THE place to go. Jeju Island has been featured in countless K-dramas, making it a top destination for any drama fan! (I can attest, Jeju Island is 100% worth the visit!)

As seen in Secret GardenJeju Island Gatsby

3. Park Playground

How many times have we seen the main couple hang out at a playground, drinking beer and spilling confessions? There have been too many instances to count! The playground is the perfect place for a more low-key and relaxed date. If you’re not a Chaebol with ridiculous wealth, the playground is a great inexpensive option to get closer to your loved one!

As seen in Boys Over FlowersLie to Me

4. The Han River

Universal K-drama dating rule: all the best romantic walks occur along the Han River. This iconic spot that stretches throughout Seoul provides a picturesque backdrop within the cityscape. Bonus points if you visit the bridge with the water and light show at night!

As seen in Fool's Love, Jang Bo Ri is Here!

5. Soju Tent

You can’t get much more K-drama iconic than the bright orange tent selling copious amounts of soju and delicious snacks! While not the most fancy date location, it’s great for an intimate and casual outing.

Warning: Soju consumption will likely lead to a drunken piggyback ride. Proceed with caution.

As seen in Doctor Stranger9 End 2 Outs

6. Rooftop Apartment

If you’re looking for a quiet evening at home with your loved one, look no further than the rooftop apartment’s patio! The scenic view and wooden bench are the prefect place to grill some meat and hang out in the comfort of your own home.

As seen in Sweden LaundryShut Up Flower Boy Band

7. Sauna

The Jimjilbang (aka sauna) is a fun and unique date environment. Gone are the fancy clothes and styled hair, replaced by matching outfits and towel hats. I always love seeing a different side to the characters when the couple spends time together at the sauna. Even better if they take selfies with the adorable towel hats!

As seen in My Girlfriend is a GumihoRooftop Prince

8. 63 Building

The 63 building is the tallest building in Seoul, making it a very memorable landmark. The observation deck at the top gives a fantastic view of the city, and I’ll never forget when in My Girl the characters promised to go up to the top together. While they had some trouble making their dream date come true, from this day I’ll never forget the importance of the 63 building!

As seen in My Girl

9. Lotte World / Amusement Park

If a couple is looking for the ultimate K-drama date experience, they should look no further than the nearest amusement park! Where else can you ride roller coasters while wearing giant bows and matching couples outfits? Lotte World, with its indoor and outdoor sections, is a very common filming location. I’m sure you’d instantly recognize its castle, ice rink, and monorail!

As seen in Hyde, Jekyll, and IProtect the Boss

10. Movie Theater

Considering that most of the actors and actresses are also movie stars, I always love when the K-drama characters go to the movies. One of my favorite movie theater scenes is from Greatest Love when Dokko Jin rents out the theater to watch a movie with Gong Hyo Jin’s character. It’s may have been a failed date, but I loved seeing the luxury seats and interesting snacks. I never knew you could get seafood at the movies!

As seen in Greatest LoveFlower Boy Next Door

Which K-drama date location is your favorite? What other great places would you add to this list? Please share your thoughts below!

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