DramaFever Minis (dramas with 5- to 10-minute-long episodes) are here, and there's pretty much no bad time to watch them! The episodes are so short that watching a K-drama has never been easier or more convenient. "When would DramaFever Minis come in handy?" you ask. Here are 10 times you should be watching them! 

1. Between classes

If you have 5-10 minutes in between classes, then you have time to watch a DramaFever Mini episode. Even better if your teacher tends to be a little late! 

(This is what Jan Di  from Boys Over Flowers would have looked like if she had watched DramaFever Minis in between classes instead of interacting with the mean girls.)

2. In the bathroom

Talk about multi-tasking! Don't worry, we won't tell. 

(It's especially great if you are waiting for someone to bring you toilet paper like in My Lovely Sam Soon.) 

3. When you're falling asleep

What better way to make sure you have great dreams?

(And if you're someone who has to fall asleep alone because you are only in a contract marriage like Yoona is in The Prime Minister and I, then watching a quick drama will ease the pain.)

4. During the time you normally hit the snooze button

Instead of closing your eyes for those extra ten minutes, welcome the day with a Mini K-drama episode!

(If you can't have a Park Shi Hoo alarm clock to wake you up like in Prosecutor Princess, this is the next best thing!)

5. On lunch break

Not everyone has a full hour for lunch, especially if you have to leave to buy food. But pretty much anyone can watch a Mini or two in the leftover time!

(Unless you have Young Do from Heirs staring at your while you eat, in which case you should definitely be looking at him instead of your phone!)

6. On the way to school or work

If you're the type who doesn't like the noise of an overcrowded school bus or having to make eye contact with a total stranger on a crowded train, put on those headphones and Mini away!

(Don't end up like Taejoon in To the Beautiful You, having nothing to think about except your real-life drama.)

 7. Waiting for your ramen to cook.

You know what they say: A watched pot never boils! Watch a DramaFever Mini for 5 minutes instead!

(And don't let your ramen cravings distract from important things like in Rooftop Prince!)

8. As a reward for each homework assignment

You'll never get anywhere if you watch a full K-drama episode each time you cross an assignment off, but you will stay motivated if you know you can take a 5-minute break to watch a full mini.

(Never study to the point of exhaustion like in Playful Kiss! Everyone needs a quick break now and then.)

 9. Waiting for a doctor's appointment 

No one walks straight into the doctor's office. No one. So be prepared and bring along your mobile device or tablet with the DramaFever app so you can watch a Mini while you wait. Not to mention, it also works to distract you if you're anxiously waiting to see the dentist. 

(Although if I were waiting for the doctor with Choi Jin Hyuk in Emergency Couple, I could think of a million other things to pass the time.)

10. As a way to keep yourself from pushing the "next" button on a much longer drama

How many times have you promised you would only watch 2 episodes before bed but you just aren't quite ready to go to sleep? Usually you might push play on an hour-long episode that you just end up fall asleep to, but you won't get droopy eyes during a DramaFever Mini!

(Not everyone can look as cute with a K-drama hangover as Go Ah Ra did in Answer Me 1994.) 

Not sure what DramaFever Minis are all about? Try our newest ones, Love Cells and Doll House:

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To see a list of our DramaFever Minis click HERE. And stay tuned as more Minis come your way!