Music heals the soul, there is no arguing that. Whether it makes you feel happy, or makes you cry your eyes out. Crying is a form of therapy, right? 

Here is a list of beautiful songs about heart break that help cope with a breakup, and they are just beautiful to listen to if you're just having a bad day too. Let's begin the countdown!

The following music videos are all fan made, no better way to depict the emotions of the songs while also catching glimpse of your favorite kdramas and kpop idols.

10. Dancing on My Own

First off we have GD and TOP's collaboration with British artist, Pixie Lott. This song is more about the initial struggles that one may go through before breaking up. Here we see how a relationship may start to go wrong:

9. Missing You

The next one is much sweeter but still very sad. GD's collaboration with Kim Yoonah is a melodic and nostalgic piece written by none other than GD. As the title suggests, the song is about missing a past love and wondering what they are upto. If you haven't heard it yet, check it out now:

8. Nobody

The Wonder Girls made waves with this song and for good reason. While the catchy tune and beautiful voices make it a mesmerizing (especially when you're not sure what they are singing about), the lyrics are actually about wanting someone who keeps pushing away from who wants "Nobody" but the person who is drifting away because he thinks the girl deserves better. Or allegedley claims it to be so. Especially when he obviously makes her happy:

7. I Only Want You

Sticking to the theme of wanting nobody else, this song from  My Lovable Girl fits right in. This drama covers loneliness on all fronts, and this nostalgic song makes sure to capture that lonely feeling post breakup:

6. Moment

Heirs had it all, love triangles, breaking up, making up and breaking up again. You can feel the pain and longing in the singer's voice, enough to bring a tear down your cheek:

5. You're My Spring

There's nothing like a body exchange to make a person realize what it is like to walk in the other person's shoes. The  Secret Garden song is about trying to be strong even though you are hurting, but it is sung from the point of view of the man who is confused and probably didn't realize his feelings till it was too late. It is relatable to relationships that did not feel right from the start, but still having strong feelings for the person. Really frustrating, but still such a soothing song:

4. Starlight Tears

This is another song about missing an ex love and not being able to move on. The song from  Boys Over Flowers is about not wanting to let go because of the happy memories and the deep attachment:

3. My Destiny

If there is one drama about not being meant to be, yet being tied together by Destiny... we have this fitting song from My Love from Another Star. Nothing could be more painful than knowing it is meant to be and it doesn't work out:

2. Back In Time

I'm not going to lie, I would get a clump in my throat everytime this song would come on. While not entirely related to a breakup in the context of  The Moon that Embraces the Sun, the song is about losing love and dealing with the difficulty of separation: 

1. My Memory

Of course no list of sad songs would be complete without the beautiful  Winter Sonata OST. The song is about regret and reminiscing an old lover (nothing new in Kdramas). It's about loving someone forever, even though it is too late:

Most of these songs make the person want to travel back in time to have things the way they used to be, but the bottom line is that beautiful memories were created to be cherished. So they are bittersweet as they bring both sadness and happiness. And maybe some hope. 

Please dry your tears and smile at the beauty and talent that these artists brought into the world. What are some of your favorite songs that help you get through a hard time? Do tell us in the comments below!