Chinese starlet Zhang Ziyi had many wonderful experiences to remember in 2013. She won actings awards, appeared on loads of magazine covers, and even turned around a nasty sex scandal. Here are 10 things Zhang Ziyi has to be thankful for when looking back on the year:

1-5. Zhang Ziyi won 5 acting awards in 2008, including the Best Actress award at the Golden Horse Awards, Asia-Pacific Film Festival, and Huading Awards, and Best Performance at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards and Huabiao Awards for her role as Gong Er in Grandmaster.

6. She co-produced and starred in the Chinese romantic adventure My Lucky Star.

7. She was awarded the French Knight of the Order.

8. She was a mentor on The X Factor.

9. She was on the cover of 25 different magazines in 2013.

10. She won the sex claims case brought on by Boxun News who came out after and publicly apologized for the false information.

Here’s to a new year, Zhang Ziyi!