The new K-drama Heirs rolled in with so much press that it was hard not to get caught up in it. But now more than midway through, I'm taking a second to ask myself, "Should I believe the hype?", and I'm answering, "Yup! So far so really good." With a few good reasons besides the obvious (*cough* Lee Min-Ho) here's why I'm still digging this drama.

1. Choi Young Do's eyebrows

Is it possible to fall in love with facial hair? I'm just talking about the eyebrows here, but we'll get to Kim Woo Bin, aka the character Choi Young-Do, himself in a minute. With their over the top menace, these brows steal nearly every scene they show up in. They show up a lot, and you can't miss them when they do. At first, they were so intimidating that they freaked me out, but somewhere along the line, quite inexplicably, I found myself irresistibly attracted to them. Now I tune in every week just to see how they're doing...because my heart tells me to.

2. Lee Bo Na's korazy KorEnglish and super cute hats

Krystal as Lee Bo Na, just like the aforementioned eyebrows, is another one of those scene stealing forces. She lights up the screen with her irrepressible charm and her rapid-fire speech in both Korean and English that she tosses together like a big bowl of bimbebop -- delish! I swear this cutie keeps me anticipating her every moment, and then when she throws a cute hat into the mix --- my head explodes.

3. Meaningful metaphors

A dream catcher, a voiceless mother slash cue card maid, and a big white castle (not the burger joint but Tan's LA crib) replete with the Pacific ocean serving as a moat; it's little metaphors like that sprinkled throughout this big drama that eases it off its materialistic axis and leans it toward a sublime center that keeps me digging every episode, guilt-free.

4. Yu Ra Hel's mean swagger and gangstah glare

This girl right here! Is she straight off the runway or the "Summer of George" Seinfeld episode with the chick who wouldn't swing her arms? I can't decide. But that stroll, that stare, that stunner repose; if this princess wasn't so cold she would definitely be fire!

5. They did not linger in LA

Oh just THANK THE HEAVENS for brevity. When the English speaking acting is bad in Korea, I get it. But they shot this in LA?! So huh? Fortunately it was quick, to the point, beautifully shot, and well worth a few cringe-worthy moments with Jay to set up the trip back to Korea. But if it ever happens again, Eun Sang balli! Click your heels together and repeat, "There's no place like Seoul, there's no place like Seoul...".

6. Second male lead I won't root for...or will I?

Told you he'd be back <cue his metal intro>. He is so awful, so horrible, and so mean that I couldn't possibly root for or fall in love with those long legs, that 50's throwback super-gelled 'do, cold-as-ice, wardrobe owning every fly accessory imaginable, and that killer (can I use daebak here?) pout opening up and pouring out the deepest, mellifluous bass since Kim Tan's hyung Kim Won had a line. Whew! Oppa got flavah for all your senses and I'm tuning in weekly to get me some. So stop being so mean and let me love you, Young-Do!

7. The other love triangles

There are a few of them happening of course, but this one is particularly noteworthy. In a high school drama, you expect the romance to be a little tame, but then this "grownmance" walked into a bar and turned it up. And as a result, me and most of Korea got turned up too and put this series on definite lock. Secretary Yoon, fighting!

8. The other cute couples

Lee Bo Na and Yoon Chan Young are a given. I nominate them hands down for cutest couple in the Universe.

This is also one of my favorite Heirs moments.

With some chemistry rivaling our two main leads, the coupling that's happening between the two mains' mamas has got me not only hooked, but cracking up too.

9. "Love is..." the OST

This song and all its variations probably won't make it to ringtone status, but it does perfectly underscore the mood of this drama. What has made "Moments" super-awesome for me is every time it starts to play (and it will play, trust me, at the slightest whiff of anything emotional) and that music swells and Changmin blows, "In your eyes, in your mind..." me and my friends play a drinking game. And when I say me and my friends, I mean me and my cat. And when I say drinking, I mean staring and then crying just like Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang are probably about to do. Come on, you know that's awesome (cue Changmin, "In your eyes, in your mind...").

10. Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang

Yeah, she's almost perfect. Don't get me wrong, we've all seen this character before with her bazillion jobs and determined "fighting" spirit, but pretty Miss Shin Hye manages to give her that extra sass and fire that pushes this character a little to the left, which is where she needs to be to survive the cuckoo's nest she finds herself in. Now if she would buck up and stop tearing up so much, and start slapping back a bunch more, than me and Eun Sang can ride. But until then, whatever girl, I'll still be tuning in for you because you got it like that!

So those are just a few of the reasons I'm still into Heirs. What about you? Are you still digging it? Comment below and confess your non Min Ho reasons for staying tuned, because while I may have started for the Min Ho, I'm staying for the --- oh hell, I'm staying for the Min Ho too, and the Woo Bin, and the Krystal, and the Shin Hye, and the "In your eyes, in your mind..."...

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