It's So Ji Sub's 38th birthday, and with his new drama Oh My Venus coming out, fans have a lot to celebrate! Here are 7 reasons we are so happy that the world has been blessed with a wonderful oppa like So Ji Sub! 

1. His incredible acting talent.

So Ji Sub has amazing range as an actor who can make us cry buckets one minute, like in I'm Sorry, I Love You, and make us laugh at his antics the next minute, like in The Master's Sun.

Here he is working up tears behind the scenes of I'm Sorry, I Love You. 

(Anyone else kind of get hungry for ramen at the end?)

And his little 꺼져 in The Master's Sun gets me every time!

2. HIs rough and sexy rapper voice.

Most true So Ji Sub fans know that his first love isn't acting; it's actually hip hop and rapping! While the actor hasn't been in a full-length drama since The Master's Sun, he's been keeping busy with a web drama, a movie, modeling, and, most importantly, releasing new music, including his new song "So Ganzi" below. 

3. His generous and kind heart

So Ji Sub loves donating his personal items for charity auctions, including auctions to benefit animals and auctions to benefit people with disabilities. 

4. His passion for staying in shape

So Ji Sub is well known for his chocolate abs and muscular physique. Before he ever considered entertainment, his first passion was swimming.

And he is working harder than ever for his upcoming drama Oh My Venus, in which he plays a personal trainer. 

Looking good, Oppa! 

5. His creative mind

So Ji Sub has released three photo essay journals documenting his inner thoughts and vision. His first, "The Journey of So Ji Sub," included chapters such as 'Rest and Travels', 'Freedom', 'Dreams', 'Pain and Remedies', 'Youth and Passion', 'Memories and Deep Thoughts', and 'Ours and Mine' and 'Peace and Love'.

I'm tempted to order his books to get more insight into what makes him tick. 

6. His determination to overcome struggles

So Ji Sub has described himself as an introvert who was insecure in his youth. Even though he still loves his alone time, he has overcome his fear to become one of Asia's top stars!

Doesn't he looks so dreamy reading that book?

7. This year, we're the ones getting a present because he's coming out with a new drama!

While I loved his recent web drama One Sunny Day, it just made me impatient for more So Ji Sub! Luckily, his new drama Oh My Venus is coming exclusively to DramaFever on November 16!

Here's the trailer:

Looks like he is having a lot of fun filming with Shin Min Ah! Make sure you sign up for new episode alerts HERE!

Happy Birthday, So Ji Sub! We can't wait to see all the great things that this sweet, sexy, talented and smart man continues to accomplish!