Just because Wal-Mart in China has been through some controversy recently, doesn't mean the superstore isn't wildly popular. The mega chain is incredibly prosperous in China, and there are plans to add 110 more locations. But if you were to walk into a Chinese Wal-Mart, you might not even recognize it. Here is a list showing how shopping at a Wal-mart in China is way different than in the United States.

1) People use their bare hands to shop for raw meat. In this image, customers at a Wal-Mart in the Chongqing municipality are picking up raw rabbit meat with their bare hands. NOTE: Do not high five them until they wash their hands.

2) The crowds are absolutely massive! Yes there are lines at the Wal-Mart in America, but that's usually because someones wants a price check on their extra camouflage underwear. This is a packed image of a Wal-Mart in Shanghai.

3. You can go up to these tanks and catch and take home whatever you want. The tanks in China have turtles, fish and frogs, just don't leave with too many of them otherwise you might get the nickname, "Creepy turtle pockets."

4. Items are much smaller. Normally at a Wal-Mart in the states, you buy in bulk for anything. Who wouldn't want enough Snickers to build a house made of diabetes? But in China, everyone buys things in much smaller and more reasonable sizes.

5. Free bus rides for anyone who shops at Wal-Mart. This one might be the coolest. Not only do you leave with a pocket full of frogs, you also get to have a bus escort you home. Pretty cool!

6. Help! This alligator is trapped in ice! Just kidding, this is actually alligator meat you can buy, and definitely something that you rarely find at the grocery store in America. They also have other exotic reptile meat.

7. On every aisle, there are LCD screens playing commercials for products.

8. All of the rice is sold in giant open vats. All you have to do is scoop it up and throw it in a bag. Also it looks like it could be a fun place to dive in and maybe sleep.

9. Some of their candy sections are completely luxurious. This candy looks like it's dipped in gold and sprayed with money. So cool!

10. In general, the foods at Wal-Mart in China are not packaged. Most of the food, like these dangling items, is kept out in the open so that it is easily accessible for customers.