We were all upset to hear about Lee Seung Gi’s injury on the set of You are All Surrounded. Lee Seung Gi has a longstanding reputation for being a dedicated and hard-working member of the set, so we know he is just as anxious to return to filming as we are to see him return. In the interim, let’s root for his recovery with these top ten Lee Seung Gi moments that proved he is the ultimate multi-talented Hallyu star. Lee Seung Gi, fighting!

1. He made noona romances a thing.

Long before noona romances were heating up all the Flower Boy Ramen Shops, a then 17-year-old Lee Seung Gi was turning up the temperature for noonas everywhere with "Because You’re My Woman," his debut song from his first album The Dream Of A Moth.

2. He shined brightly in Shining Inheritance.

This 28 episode drama was one of the biggest hits of 2009, pulling in higher ratings than Boys over Flowers. Lee Seung Gi played the quintessential chaebol-bad-boy-turned-good, all thanks to the love of a kind woman and the healing power of ox-bone soup. I lost a whole weekend of my life to this show, and I have no regrets.

3. He can sing!

"I Love You From Now On," from the soundtrack for his hit show My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, is one of the best OST songs out there. I dare you not to feel all the feelings.

4. He can make a refrigerator blush.

In his show King 2 Hearts there is a kiss (actually, several). There is a refrigerator. I am pretty sure the sales of that refrigerator skyrocketed after this scene aired.

5. He made women everywhere want to stand under a cherry-blossom tree below a crescent moon.

In Gu Family Book, another smash hit, Lee Seung Gi plays a half-human, half-gumiho out to protect his family from one of the most evil characters in K-drama history, and that is saying something. This show requires many boxes of kleenex, but it is worth it to watch Lee Seung Gi's portrayal of his conflicted, kind-hearted character Kang Chi. And that love story.

6. He makes being smart look really, really good.

He has a degree in International Trade and Commerce from Dongguk University, and is currently getting his master's degree. So, you know, hot, talented, and smart. But is he funny?

7. He is funny!

He has appeared in a number of variety shows. In a segment of the variety show Happy Sunday called 1 Night 2 Days, Lee Seung Gi proves his funny bone is as muscular as the rest of him. I don’t totally understand all the wordplay in this clip, but watching “The King of Ballads” being so silly keeps me laughing anyway.

8 and 9. He’s dating Yoona.

That is so cute it counts for two. Please get married and have adorable hallyu babies.

Is true love a matter of chance or destiny? Watch the romantic melodrama Love Story starring members of K-pop group KARA.
10. He was a torchbearer.

Lee Seung Gi was one of the torchbearers in the 2012 London Summer Olympics. And I will carry a torch for him forever. Get better soon!

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