After enticing you with the candid photos of Lee Min Ho from the streets of Seoul, we finally have the video of the Guerrilla Date program, and it's completely subbed in English. If you ever doubted Lee Min Ho's genuine openness and affectionate personality, you'll have to watch this video. If you are a fan already, you'll see his childhood photos, what he liked to study in school, and find out more about the perfect man. The show even found footage of his debut commercial. But first, about his famous "armpit hug," what does Lee Min Ho actually call the hug?

Lee Min Ho called the hug "Confinement Hug" and explained:

Well, who could turn down that kind of confinement with Lee Min Ho? It was funny that when a female fan wanted the confinement hug, the other fans exclaimed "No!" On the other hand, when a male fan came up, the same fans wanted him to try the confinement hug. So what did Lee Min Ho do?

Watch the Guerrilla Date with Lee Min Ho, starting at 43:27.

Here are some highlights from the video:

1. The crowd kept getting larger, and above them was a neon ad for Lee Min Ho's new movie, Gangnam Blues (Gangnam 1970).

2. A fan revealed that she fell for him when she saw the shower scene in Boys Over Flowers. (She's not the only one.) 

3. The host asked how Lee Min Ho acted in the actions scenes with his injured leg. This is the one time he looked really serious when he said he avoided using that leg. (He suffered a serious car accident in 2006 and he usually uses his left leg for action scenes.)

4. When asked about what he wished for the Gangnam Blues movie: "Winning at the box office, or winning a film festival award?" His answer shows he is ambitious but also diplomatic.

5. "Does he want to win a newcomer award or a best actor award?" He answered it quickly and firmly on this one:

6. The host showed 3 photos from Lee Min Ho's childhood. His handsome attraction was already evident as it was shown on one of the photos that he was holding a girl's hand. He was still in kindergarten. Lee also said he didn't study hard in school. His favorite subject was women!

7. He was presented with footage from his very first commercial shoot. He was not even 20 yet at the time. They then had fun talking about how he spent his first paycheck.

Watch Lee Min Ho in the time travel romance Faith:

8. When he was asked to say a greeting in English, he seemed shy when he spoke softly: "Hello everyone, nice to meet you. My name is Lee Min Ho. Thank you, I love you."

9. About plans for Hollywood, he said he will only do it when he's ready, then he charmed everyone with his self-deprecating humor by repeating his English greeting:"Okay. Hello, everyone," implying that's all he knows. 

10. He also gave a very nice advice to young people: "Chase after your dream and do whatever it takes."

Wasn't that fun? I find his laughter truly infectious. On a scale of 1 to 10, his charm rates a 20!

What do you think of his answers?

If you ever meet Lee Min Ho in person, what would be your first question for him? And would you go for the "Confinement Hug"?

~ NancyZdramaland