To celebrate the beginning of Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk's new drama, Emergency Couple, which starts tomorrow exclusively on DramaFever, let's remind ourselves just how awesome the leading lady truly is. The perfect mix of pretty and powerful, Song Ji Hyo has been breaking down walls in the entertainment industry, along with the ones built up around our hearts, for years--whether through acting roles or as the "Ace" member in variety series Running Man. Here are ten out of countless reasons why she is, well, pretty much the coolest.

1. As the only female cast member of Running Man, she always holds her own against the guys.

2. She is FEARLESS.

...Except when it comes to bugs, but who cares when she's busy falling asleep on top of shaky Jenga towers and excitedly bungee jumping off Macau Tower?!

3. One minute she's a fierce fighter...

4. And the next she's a beauty model!

5. She's an amazing and dedicated actress, whether she's fighting in Jackal Is Coming,

Portraying a ballerina in Goong,

Or taking on a racy historical film, such as A Frozen Flower.

She is not one to be typecast.

6. She's not afraid to show the world her barely awake, bare face.

7. She's adorably funny.

(Sorry, Kang Gary)

8. She can befriend any human or creature and is possibly instrumental to world peace.

9. She seems like a complete pleasure to work with.

You can check her out behind-the-scenes of Emergency Couple right here.

10. She is all-around a total badass.

How can you resist?

Make sure to check out Song Ji Hyo/Blank Ji/Ace in action every week on Running Man, and now on Emergency Couple, where she plays a hospital intern in a tumultuous (ex-)relationship. We can't wait to see where she goes from here!