Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you don't want to be unprepared at the dinner table when it's your turn to say what you're thankful for this year. Luckily, K-dramas provide an endless flow of reasons to clasp our hands together and smile up at the drama gods. Here's a list of ten components to add to your list:

1. Soju, soju, soju

Almost every drama features a scene where the leads chug soju like water, though they never know how to hold their liquor. This inevitably leads to confessions, piggyback rides, sleepovers, and inhibitions flushed down the toilet (along with their vomit). Hey, even if there's no romance involved, we're thankful for the LOLs.

2. Cameos

It's always, always, always fun to see a familiar face (or six) pop up in the middle of a drama, whether it's your favorite K-pop group, or maybe your favorite lead from a Hong Sisters series you recently marathoned. Yay, cameos!

3. Sloppy eaters

I'm not sure if none of these characters ever learned manners, or if they all suspiciously can't feel their lips, but they are always making a mess eating and can never seem to clean themselves up- not that we're complaining. Sloppy lips practically guarantee a kiss, so how about next year we lose the chopsticks completely and go face-to-plate?

4. Comedic relief

Even the funniest of series have more than their fair share of star-crossed lovers, heartbreak, and hospital visits. It's nice to be able to laugh every once in a while, especially during the more melodramatic ones.

5. Makeovers

Seeing chaebol boys fall for "plain" girls is gratifying and satisfying, but sometimes it's less "plain" and more "WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOUR HAIR, GIRL?!" Guys are no exception *cough* Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers *cough,* so who isn't going to be excited when we get to see just how beautiful the actors really are? And that brings me to number 6.

6. Everyone being so freakin' attractive

No explanation necessary.

7. Cute side romances

Sometimes the relationship between the main leads is blossoming too slowly, but when their BFFs start to flirt? Side romances are always precious and worthy of your shipping.

8. Kisses!

Or any physical intimacy, really. Sometimes after fifteen episodes you may find yourself becoming a little anxious for a lip lock, but when they finally kiss? And her eyes are closed? And all of the waiting suddenly seems worth it and it's the best thing you've ever seen? BRB, fainting.

9. Happy endings

No one died and your OTP ended up together? Okay, that can be a little hard considering the ultra-contagious SLS (Second Lead Syndrome), but we take what we can get.

10. Two episodes per week

I may be the most thankful for this one. Two new episodes in two days? We are spoiled. Not every drama airs twice a week, but if we express our gratitude, who knows what the future holds?

So...what are YOU thankful for this year?