If you have yet to watch The Night Watchman's Journal, I suggest you do so A.S.A.P because it's amazing! The first episode is so epic it'll have you confused, excited, and on edge by the end of it!

The easiest way I can explain how this first episode comes across without really spoiling anything is if you took the dark tone of Arang and the Magistrate, threw it in a pot mixed with the movies 300 and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and added a dash of the K-drama Faith. Seriously there are Harry Potter dementor-type ghosts, guys with Anime good looks, weird monsters coming out of rocks, and let me stress; this is all in the FIRST EPISODE!

I guarantee you will absolutely love this drama, and here are a few fabulous reasons why!

10. It begins with a story similar to the history of EXO, and who doesn't love little reminders of where Chanyeol actually comes from?

9. Remember the feels you experienced the moment Wol Ryung showed up for the first time in Gu Family Book?

8. He gets real wild in that mask! #TurntUp

7. The Queen Mother doesn't stray far from the norm. I'll give you a hint; "a female dog."

6. But don't get annoyed; King Hae Jung is nowhere near acting like a punk. He'll cut you...or shoot you with an arrow.

5. We learn through this episode that dementors hung out not only around Hogwarts, but Joseon too.

4. You'll really wish this kid knew how to conjure up a Patronus Charm.

3. These guys exist.

2. You'll get really excited and start tweeting and msging friends with talk of random moments in the episode that they know nothing about--like this...

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See the last great swordsman defend his people and transform a nation in The Joseon Gunman, starring Lee Joon Ki
1. But the most important reason you should check this drama out is because the star of it, Jung Il Woo, isn't even in the first episode and YOU WILL NOT NOTICE! The storyline is that good!

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Now that I've convinced you, make sure you check out The Night Watchman's Journal by clicking here.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE