The cutest Korean celebrity couple, Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun, instantly became a model couple when they starred in reality show Honeymoon Diaries (신혼일기). We’d like to share rules for a strong relationship drawn from the show’s highlights and the couple’s previous interviews. Here’s what 10 months of marriage have taught the Ahn Gu couple!

1 Highlight the best in each other

Gu Hye Sun says she’s “become more social after getting married. I've become independent as an individual and we talk about growing old together. We don't think marriage is a fantasy.”

2 Take bold actions

Gu Hye Sun initiated the first kiss before they had to film it in Blood.

“I just kissed him,” the actress says. “I told him to come to my car and I kissed him immediately when he came into my car.” Ahn Jae Hyun was shocked when she kissed him. “I jumped out of the car jokingly saying, ‘You’re crazy, you’re crazy!'”

3 Never take off the rose-colored glasses

Go to bed whispering “I love you,” just like the Ahn Gu couple.

4 Compliment

Gu Hye Sun isn’t the world’s best cook, but Ahn Jae Hyun always says her food is delicious, no matter how experimental it looks.

5 Relive the initial butterfly feelings

Gu Hye Sun married Ahn Jae Hyun because “… I realized I was [innocent] like a child when I was at his side.” The couple still loves to act like a child around each other.

6 Looks only last for so long

“When we were dating, we cared so much about our outward appearances in order to be loved, but my wife seems lovely even if she doesn’t do that now. She’s even more cute when she is clumsy,” Ahn Jae Hyun says.

7 Respect the partner’s personal life

Gu Hye Sun separates life as an artist to love life. She says “he doesn't know what I will be drawing. He doesn't invade my privacy and he lets me concentrate on my work. He's been very considerate.”

8 Raise your voice only when excited

When the Ahn Gu couple talks about sharing responsibilities as a newlywed, they never raise their voices. It’s only when they go sledding that Gu Hye Sun yells out of joy.

9 Help the partner understand you

Read the emotions flowing in you and help the partner understand where you’re coming from. When disagreements arise, have constructive conversations instead of blaming or getting angry at the partner.

10 Have fun

Be yourself, let the partner be him/herself, and have fun!

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