Every spring, South Korea holds several cherry blossom festivals to celebrate the beautiful trees in bloom. Last week, the big Yeouido festival in Seoul came to an end, but if you didn't have the money to fly to Korea this year, you can celebrate from home! Korean dramas love to incorporate cherry blossom season into their most romantic scenes, so here are 10 K-dramas that will make you feel like you're right there in Seoul with the cherry blossoms swirling around you:

1. Sly and Single Again

What better place to have your first kiss than under the cherry blossoms? When Jung Woo finally decides to confess his feelings, it deserves a beautiful backdrop like this one!

2. King 2 Hearts

This is one of my favorite K-drama proposals of all time. It was simple, yet heartfelt without all of the frills of his earlier (less sincere) proposal, but the falling flower petals helped set the mood in a natural way.

3. Lie to Me

Although almost-kisses are always frustrating, this was a sweet moment to help the leads begin to recognize their feelings for each other.

4. A Gentleman's Dignity

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Another first kiss under the blossoms! (Yes, this is a common theme.)

5. Sensory Couple

Episode 6 of Sensory Couple took full advantage of the cherry blossoms for this squee-inducing scene. Of course, the show put a funny twist on it, but you'll have to watch the episode to see how it turned out:

6. Greatest Love

Would you really expect anything less of Dokko Jin? If he's going to confess, he's going to do it in full over-the-top Dokko Jin style, complete with a lit-up amusement park and stunning trees in bloom. I wouldn't be surprised if Dokko Jin commanded the petals to fall at just the right moment!

7. When a Man Loves

Apparently Shin Se Kyung's character thinks that getting a proposal in the middle of the flowers is like mixing ice cream with kimchi. Uhhhh what? More like mixing ice cream with chocolate topping, I say!

8. That Winter, the Wind Blows

This scene is just. so. pretty. I won't say too much about this part of the series to avoid spoilers, but it sure is nice to look at!

9.Prosecutor Princess

This series has two memorable scenes with the cherry blossoms. In the first one, the beautiful trees are a backdrop for a romantic piggyback ride. In the second one, a delighted Hye Ri fulfills a longtime dream by going on a date to see the cherry blossoms. Of course, in true K-drama love triangle fashion, the scenes occur with different men.

10. All About My Romance

We began the series with Lee Min Jung kissing under the cherry blossoms, and we end the same way!

Which cherry blossom scene is your favorite? Are there any others that I missed? Share your thoughts in the comments. Happy spring, everyone!

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