2014 is the year of the "divorce drama." Shows like Emergency Couple and Sly and Single Again reunited bitter ex-spouses after years of separation, and the upcoming dramas Discovery of Romance and Say I Do Again also feature former lovers whose interest is rekindled. While many dramas include first loves torn apart by cruel fate, these shows focus on couples who decided to part ways and have to decide if it's worth risking heartbreak to give their romance another shot. For people who love the emotional development of breakup/makeup romances, here are ten dramas that feature romantic reconciliation:

1. Emergency Couple

Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk star as ex-spouses who suddenly find themselves forced to work together in the same emergency room.

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2. Sly and Single Again

In this romantic comedy, Na Ae Ra (Lee Min Jung) and Cha Jung Woo (Joo Sang Wook) split when financial pressures strain their relationship. Years later, Cha Jung Woo rises to fame and fortune as the president of a successful company, and he crosses paths with his ex-wife. Both seek revenge for the wrongs of their past relationship, but old feelings start to arise in the process.

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3. I Need Romance

This drama sparked a lot of debate over whether the female lead made the right choice. A major portion of the show deals with In Young's (Jo Yeo Jung) back-and-forth relationship with her boyfriend of ten years (Kim Jeong Hoon). It doesn't help that she has an adorable new man, played by Choi Jin Hyuk, vying for her affection as well.

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4. I Need Romance 2012

Continuing the theme of old love vs. new love is I Need Romance 2012, where two longtime lovers (Jung Yoo Mi and Lee Jin Wook) finally decide to call it quits when they can't commit. Once new flames enter the picture, though, jealousy starts to make them realize what they lost.

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5. Can't Lose

Choi Ji Woo and Yoon Sang Hyun star as divorce attorneys who marry in a whirlwind romance, only to end up at the brink of divorce once they settle into regular life.

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6. Unemployed Romance

Running into your ex is awkward enough. Running into your ex when he's the one writing your unemployment checks is even worse, but it's the spark that rekindles the love between Im Seung Hee (Lee Young Ah) and Kim Jong Dae (Nam Goong Min).

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7. Miss Korea

When Kim Hyung Joon (Lee Sun Gyun) desperately needs to find a contestant to enter into the Miss Korea pageant, the only person who comes to mind is his first love, the beautiful Oh Ji Young (Lee Yeon Hee).

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8. You Are All Surrounded

Sure, the central romance revolves around a childhood crush ripped part by a terrible mystery, but Cha Seung Won and Oh Yoon Ah have amazing chemistry as a divorced couple working in the same police office.

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See Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo reunited on the screen in the scandalous melodrama Temptation

9. Discovery of Romance

The I Need Romance writer must really have a thing for old flames because Jung Yoo Mi is back as a woman who thinks she has the perfect relationship with her plastic surgeon boyfriend (Sung Joon)--until her ex (Eric Moon) pops back into the picture. There's no telling if this show will end in reconciliation or not, but, based on the trailers, it's a definite possibility! Discovery of Romance premieres on August 18. You can sign up for new episode alerts HERE!

10. Say I Do Again

This upcoming Taiwanese drama is much like Emergency Couple, with a divorced couple (Lin Yo Wei and Wei Man) reunited at work. In this case, the setting is a hotel. Say I Do Again premieres August 24. You can sign up for new episode alerts HERE!

Do you enjoy reconciliation romances? Which one is your favorite? Is there another one that you wish had made the list? Comment below!