Have you ever wanted to try some of the challenges on Running Man? Well now is your chance! This article is filled with some easy (and cheap) challenge ideas straight out of our favorite variety show, so just gather some friends and let the competitive fun begin. 

1.) Chicken Fight

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The first game is relatively simple and straight from episode one. All you need is at least two people to participate, but it is definitely encouraged to have a more fun and competitive experience. Both players must hold one leg across their body tightly while bouncing around on only the other leg. The goal of the game is make the other players let go of their immobile leg or fall over. If a player does one of these things, he or she loses. 

2.) Telepathy Game

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This game is played for the first time in the third episode of Running Man and requires a pair of headphones (with music) and two teams. Two people from the same team sit next to each other at a table with a piece of paper in front of them, one with questions and the other with their corresponding answers in no particular order. The catch? The person with the answers is wearing the headphones with the music blaring loud enough so that they cannot hear their team member asking them the questions. In order to win, the person with the answer sheet must try to guess the answer to the question the person next to them is asking and the team with the most correctly guessed answers win. 

3.) The Chopstick Breaker 

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The Chopstick Breaker is a game that is infamous for being extremely hard despite its easy design, and it has been challenging the Running Man cast and fans alike since episode eight. For this game all you need is two teams, wooden chopsticks, and your hand. Basically, you place the chopstick on top your middle finger with your index and ring finger on top and smash your hand onto a surface (it hurts the most if you use your knee) in order for the chopstick to break. You can set the rules however you want, but there are two ways that usually work the best. The first method is to have both teams start at the same time and the first team to have all its members break a chopstick would win. The second is to have a set number of chopsticks that both teams have to break, and the teammates from both teams take turns attempting to break it (alternating between teams of course). The first team to break all their needed chopsticks wins. 

4.) Flying Coin 

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Once again, you'll need two teams to play the Flying Coin Game, a game that was first introduced on Running Man in episode nine. For this game you will need tape, some coins, and a bowl with some water in it. First you need to make a line with the tape and set the water-filled bowl 15 to 20 meters away from it. Then one team starts by lining up behind the tape line, and one by one each member must attempt to throw their coin in. The first team to successfully have ALL their members throw their coin into the bowl wins. 

5.) Queen Dodgeball

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Queen Dodgeball is a frequently reoccurring game on Running Man. It is not only wildly entertaining to watch, but also extremely fun to play (I mean, you get to hit your friends with a dodgeball. What's better than that?). All you need is two teams, a fairly soft/bouncy ball, and a wide area on which to play. Basically, each team has a special member who is dubbed the "Queen" (or "King," depending on who you play with). In order to win the game, you must hit the "Queen" with the dodgeball. All the other members of the team are either protecting the "Queen" or trying to get the other team's "Queen" out, and once they are hit with the dodgeball, they are out. Any team member except for the "Queen" can also catch a ball that is thrown at them to prevent themselves from getting out. If there is a situation where only one member is left with the ''Queen," then that person cannot be hit out and is in until the "Queen" is out. 

6.) Draw Down the Lane 

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This next game is sort of like a drawing version of the game Whisper Down the Lane and was first shown in episode 27. This game can be played with or without teams, and you just need enough pads of paper and things to write with for everyone to have their own. You first need to have everyone get into a line holding their items, ready to draw. The first person in line will be given a random term by someone who isn't playing, and they will then have ten seconds to draw that term. The people in front of them have their backs turned and cannot see what the drawer is making until the drawer's ten seconds are up. Then the person in front of the drawer can turn around and look at the drawing before trying to draw the term based on the previous drawing in ten seconds. This will continue down the line until it reaches the last person, who then has to guess the term. If this game is played in teams, then the team with the most correctly guessed answers will win.  

7.) Peppero Game 

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The Pepero Game (or as some might know it, the Pocky Game)  is really simple and easy, but it can be very entertaining. All you need is at least two people and some Pepero. This is a game in which two people take one side of a piece of Pepero into their mouth and take turns biting towards the middle. In order to win, you must be the last person to pull away from the delicious treat. 

8.) Water Piggyback

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Have you've ever struggled with giving someone a piggyback ride? Now imagine doing that while the person you are carrying is holding a bowl full of water. Water Piggyback is just that except you're racing with other people just like the Running Man cast in episode fifty-five. Sounds like fun, right? All you need is an even number of people and a few bowls full of water. Then set all the participating couples into a line with their partners on their back and the bowl in their hand and have them race to a set spot and back. The winners are the  the ones who come back the fastest with the most water.

9.) Food Bingo

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Food Bingo is exactly what it sounds like. You need to make a small bingo board for each person out of tape on a table and have each person pick out a series of food that they want to have on their board (as tempting as it is, no free spaces). Make sure that you have more food options than spaces on the board to prevent repeats (you can include drinks, if you don't have enough food items). Have someone who is not playing call out names of the food items in no particular order. Every time someone has a food item that is called out on their board, they get to eat it. Everyone keeps doing that until someone gets a Bingo. First person with a Bingo wins.

10.) Photozone

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Photozone is a pretty frequently played game in Running Man. All you need is two teams, tape (or chalk, if you are playing outside), and a camera. First you need to set up the camera with either a person or timer set to take a picture and make a circle out of the tape on the floor. Then have both teams stand in the circle (don't worry, it's  supposed to be tightly spaced). While waiting for the photo to be taken, both teams are trying to push the other team out from the circle. By the time the picture is taken the players need to be smiling and in the circle. The team with the most smiling participants wins. 

Any other Running Man challenges you would like to try? Tell us in the comments, and check out the latest episode below!