Divorce Lawyers is among the most popular dramas on DramaFever. The lines of both leads are witty and inspiring. Here are the ten lines you need to keep in mind. They will be beneficial for life.

1. When you fall in love, you are in love with that person's good qualities. But when you get married, you need to live with her shortcomings.

2. Marriage cannot protect love per se. The law can not guarantee who loves whom for a whole life. Marriage law can only protect property. 

3. Divorce is to leave the guy who is not worthy of your love. It is not your loss; its is his. He lost a girl who sincerely loved him forever. And you can only meet Mr Right when you left Mr Wrong.

4. As a woman, I would rather be rich than marrying the rich. To feel secure, it is necessary to stay independent financially and in personality. 

5. As a woman in the marriage, you need to invest in yourself. You cannot forget about yourself; otherwise your husband will forget about you eventually.

6. Marriage is a grand investment. Some are worth investing in but some would only be depreciating. It is lucky to meet the right one. As a matter of fact, it is still our own choice of wether to change or not. The best way to stay valuable is not to give up yourself in this relationship, but to turn you to a better person in love. 

7. Life is just that you cannot bear with my sloppy style and I cannot stand your nagging, but when we turn around, we are still holding hands together.  

8. I work very hard and am dedicatedin my life. The purpose is that when standing by my beloved one, no matter if he is rich or poor, I can embrace him. If he is rich, I don't need to feel dependent on him, and if he is poor, we won't come down in the world. This is the meaning of women working hard. Stay positive and lead an imperfect life with perfect attitude.  

9. When two people are together, it is all about love; When two people are apart, it is all about virtue.

10. Life is like drifting in the ocean. The most important things are living, freedom, and the other shore. If you really focus on the sailing wood, when the day that it sinks comes, it is way too late for you. 

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