This past week in South Korea all of the country’s top designers presented their Spring/Summer 2014 collections at Seoul Fashion Week. Seeing all of the upcoming season’s styles and trends had me wishing I could fast forward right through the winter so that we could see some of these looks on our favorite Kpop stars. Here is a list of 10 different looks from Seoul Fashion Week and the idols who should be wearing them!

1. pushBUTTON - Red, white and blue bomb pops are the ultimate reminder of Summer. Who would be better for wearing popsicle-inspired fashion than the girl who already sang about about frozen treats? I’m talking about “Ice Cream” singer Hyuna of course. Judging by the recent teasers for Trouble Maker’s comeback, she definitely has the confidence to pull of this midriff-baring style.

2. KYE - This brand’s urban style is already popular among many Kpop boy groups, with their previous designs being seen on the likes of Super Junior, EXO & Infinite. When I saw the menswear for the Spring/Summer collection including the black and white shirt with Gold bandage embellishments, I immediately thought of the recently returned Block B.

3. S=YZ - This denim jumpsuit features a sheer panel at the shoulders which gives the tomboy style a feminine charm. In Kpop, the term “tomboy” is practically synonymous with f(x)’s Amber, so of course she could rock this look. This piece would give her the opportunity to go a little girly, while staying true to her androgynous concept.

4. Resurrection - A white suit with a graphic print is perfect for the Kpop stage, especially when it has eye-catching pops of colors like blue and red. When it comes to suits, does any group as a whole do them better than Infinite? Well, maybe Shinhwa, but men of their age should be able to pull off suits. They could always dance battle over who gets them!

5. Doii - Bright colors, sequins, lace ruffles and giant faux there anything this dress doesn’t have!? It is just begging to be worn by a Kpop girl group, but who is best suited for such over-the-top design? My vote goes to Orange Caramel, the After School sub-unit which is known for cute and colorful costumes that have excessive adornments.

6. Steve J & Yoni P - Leggings with shorts were a definite trend in menswear during Seoul Fashion Week, as you can see with this design. The light, long-sleeved top features a large sheer panel that goes from chest to waist. This could also be called a “Chocolate Abs Window” if worn by the right idol. The overall style of ensemble fits how Taeyang has been dressing lately, and he also happens to have those abs. It’s a match made in fangirl heaven!

7. Jaison Couture - The life of a Kpop star requires them to attend red carpet events at times, so a formal dress that is unique is a must. This piece has layers of grey plaid organza and lace appliques that add shape to the dress. Whoever wears this dress needs to make sure it doesn’t wear them, and SNSD’s Tiffany could definitely pull of this look, tights and all!

8. pushBUTTON - Thanks to the Hallyu Wave, airport fashion is a very important part of being a Kpop star. Sometimes idols get to use their travel clothes to show off their individual tastes, and this sheer, patterned sweatsuit would be perfect for both comfort and an unconventional fashion sense -- looking at you Key!

9. Wonder Anatomie - This jacket and top have a sporty feel thanks to their cut and jersey-style numbers as part of the print. The truly extraordinary part of this ensemble, however, is the patent leather skirt with large cut-outs and colorful coils around the edges and hem. The eclectic pairing would work for someone like Korea’s ‘Baddest Female’ CL.

10. Groundwave - The entire collection from this label looks as if it were inspired by spacesuits for astronauts, and honestly the only reason these need to be seen on a Kpop star, is simply because they are so ridiculous. If anyone had the possibility of making these jumpsuits cool, it has to be G-Dragon. Do you think he could make it work, or is it too out of this world?

Jessie is a writer for Kfashionista, a Kpop fashion blog. Check out more from Seoul Fashion Week there to see which shows your favorite stars attended and what they wore!