Know how they say, “art imitates life,” so what you’re watching might be what you’re living? Well, if you feel like you can relate to everything you watch on DramaFever, if your week just isn’t complete without seeing Lee Min Ho, or if your life has these 10 signs—you may not just like K-Dramas, you might actually live in one.

1) Your life has a soundtrack

And its very melodramatic.

2) Your love life is never just you and your loved one

There’s at least one, normally two, and maybe three more people involved.

3) Your "friend" looks kind of evil sometimes

He is looking to steal your girl, and possibly kill you.

4) You’re always reliving the same scenes in your life

And darn it, they’re just as painful each time.

5) You sometimes solve your problems with swords

And the problems are almost always very philosophical.

6) Everyone around you is just too good looking

Seriously, that dude was not that handsome last week.

7) Your school uniform is your most common outfit

It’s either that or an incredibly feminine scarf and sweater.

8) The words “I don’t love you” are irrelevant

You just need to hug extra hard.

9) Violence towards those you care about is a common thing

That’s not even the first loved one you’ve punched today.

10) But at the end of the day…

You and your friends are still inseparable.

So what else makes you think you’re life’s a K-Drama? Sound off in the comments below!

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