Art museums with famous paintings exhibited often have "no cameras" signs up on the walls, reminding visitors that flash photography isn't allowed. But even if visitors aren't allowed to take pictures of the paintings, they can make the people in the paintings themselves look like they are.

The funny thing about all of these selfie paintings is that if these subjects were alive today, some of them would probably be taking selfies exactly like they are in the re-creations. There's something funny about how serious their expressions are while posing for their smartphones.

Who started this trend of selfie photos is a Danish designer named Olivia, who posted four photos on her Instagram account of paintings taking selfies when she was at the National Museum of Denmark. Since the museum didn't allow flash photography, she got rid of the flash, quietly took some photos of the paintings, and decided to put a hand and smartphone in front of the painting to make it look like subject was taking a selfie. Her photos caught on, and pretty soon it became the thing to do, and many were taking their own.

The photos are pretty funny. Here's a list of 10 silly selfie photos of famous portraits from around the world.






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