The K-drama Cheese in the Trap has quickly become an international hit not only because of its amazing cast of talented actors and its solid script, but also because of its emotional original soundtrack made up of the best Korean Indie songs. Here are 7 songs from the OST that are guaranteed to make you feel things! 

(I tried my best to find videos with English subs so that you can really enjoy the emotional lyrics as well!)

1. "My Time With You" by Vanilla Acoustic

Every time I hear this soulful Indie Korean ballad, my emotions run high! It's the perfect song to represent Seol and Jung's complicated relationship. 

2. "Maybe I Like You" by Cosmos Hippie 

This laid back and cheerful love song really lifts my spirits and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

3. "I Am Love" by Tearliner

This ethereal and romantic song makes me feel like I'm floating on a cloud of love.

4. "Fill You, Erase You" by Tearliner and 5urprise 

This song is particularly special because it was made just for our second male lead In Ho and even features Seo Kang Joon's voice. Don't the lyrics and tone match his character perfectly? 

5. "Such" by Kang Hyun Min (feat Jo Hyun Ah)

You just know the tears are about to flow when you hear this powerful Indie ballad! It's the perfect song to reflect the angst of figuring out young love. 

6. "Einfuhlung" by Tearliner

Used in the iconic intro, this song gets me pumped for another great episode every time I hear it! 

7. "Just A Little" by Sweden Laundry

Now this is a song you can really flop down on your bed and sob about your unrequited love to! It represents Seol's desire to understand Jung and have him open up emotionally to her. 

Isn't the Cheese in the Trap soundtrack amazing? It's no wonder since the drama is by the same director as Coffee Prince, which also had an incredible Korean Indie soundtrack! 

Which song is your favorite? Comment below! 


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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