Goblin: The Lonely and Great God makes your heart flutter and your heart ache. The OST is no different. Each week as the drama progresses, new songs from the soundtrack are released reminding you of the complicated but hopeful love between Goblin (Gong Yoo) and his bride (Kim Go Eun), and Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) and the chicken restaurant owner (Yoo In Na). According to Naver’s real-time music chart at 5 p.m. KST on January 10, seven of the top 10 songs in South Korea belong to Goblin. Perhaps it’s too early to say, but judging from the love the drama and OST is receiving domestically and internationally, the series is poised to become a classic. In order of release, travel through the 13 songs released so far on the beautiful and emotional musical journey that is the Goblin OST.

1. Chanyeol and Punch - "Stay With Me"

“Stay With Me” by Chanyeol from EXO and Punch perfectly introduced the world to the Goblin OST. The song set the tone audiences could expect for the drama and soundtrack: a beautiful but desperate yearning for love. Even though it was released only a little over a month ago on December 2, the music video has already racked in 20 million views! 

2. 10cm - "My Eyes"

The second song released for the OST, “My Eyes” is a song about the innocent and hesitant feelings of first falling in love. Indie band 10cm’s take on these feelings is musically translated into a simple acoustic guitar and light keyboard melody that projects a bright, open atmosphere.

3. Lasse Lindh - "Hush"

“Hush” is a unique and pleasant addition to the OST – a whimsical, pop tune with a touch of the Elizabethan era. Lasse Lindh may have started releasing music in 1998, but the Swedish indie pop artist began his musical relationship with South Korea in 2006 when two of his songs “The Stuff” and “C’mon Through” were featured in MBC’s Soulmate.

4. Crush - "Beautiful"

“My heart was swinging dizzy pendulum from the sky to the earth. It was the first love,” Kim Shin narrates in the beginning of the music video for “Beautiful You.” “Beautiful love, if you’re under the same sky with me, I would like to be just breathing,” Crush sings. His smooth vocals carefully and sweetly bring to musical life Kim Shin’s newfound appreciation for life: to live for and to love Ji Eun Tak.

5. Eddy Kim - "You are so beautiful"

Our nameless, amnesiac Grim Reaper awkwardly falls in love with the human chicken restaurant owner and, well, how could endearing hilarity not ensue? “You Are So Beautiful” expresses a man’s attempt to figure out what it is that his love wants to hear. The song appropriately fits Grim Reaper: He doesn’t know much, other than how to perform his job of taking the dead to the other side, but despite his perceived inexperience in romance, he sure tries his darnedest to impress Kim Sunny!

6. Sam Kim - "Who Are You"

“Who Are You” is so frustratingly beautiful. Sam Kim sings of Kim Shin’s desperate fight to find love despite the bitter loneliness. The Korean-American singer delivers the feelings of the 939-year-old Goblin impressively well despite being only 18.

7. Soyou - "I Miss You"

Soyou’s breathy singing works in “I Miss You.” The SISTAR member is soft and delicate in her delivery, giving a touch of sadness needed to express two people who, despite the repeated pain, are fated to love each other time and time again.

8. Jung Joon Il - "The First Snow"

It makes sense that the drama is primarily set during the wintertime. The cold, lonely atmosphere is similar to the goblin, but the beautiful snow and cheery holiday atmosphere gives the season optimism. “The First Snow” reflects this sentiment. 

9. Ailee - "I Will Go to You Like the First Snow"

Ailee fluidly transcends genres, from dance and R&B, to ballads. Her vocals are timeless and appreciated by all ages. It’s no wonder “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow” has topped the charts in South Korea at the number one position, currently sharing the spot with another Goblin OST, “Wish.” 

10. Urban Zakapa - "Wish"

The number one hit in South Korea has belonged to the Goblin OST, but the songs are interchangeable – it’s hard to pick a favorite! “Wish,” delivered by the singing and songwriting group Urban Zakapa, is one of such Goblin hits. The co-ed group said of their song: “We’re really happy that many people seem to be giving this track a lot of love. Because we’re fans of Goblin too, we prepared a song that fits the show well. Please keep supporting ‘Wish,’ which brings out the sentiment of the drama.”

11. Kim Kyung Hee - "And I’m Here"

Avid Goblin watchers may unconsciously feel like shedding a tear listening to “And I’m Here.” The gentle and haunting piano piece is typically heard during the moments filled with pain. As a standalone track, it’s suited for a nighttime listen, but fair warning, it may leave you a bit melancholy. 

12. Han Soo Ji - "Winter is Coming"

The new-age pop track “Winter Is Coming” is undeniably reminiscent of Enya. Han Soo Ji’s dreamy vocals over piano, violins, and – is that Scottish bag pipes I hear in the beginning? – makes the song stand out from the entire soundtrack in just the first 20 seconds alone. 

13. Kim Kyung Hee - "Stuck in Love"

"Stuck in Love" feels like you are waltzing in a dreamy bubble of melancholic romance. “There are too many shadows of your love everywhere around me. Stuck, stuck, stuck in love,” Kim Kyung Hee sings. “Why do we have to be apart? And I’m wondering if you know why.” For those watching the series, we unfortunately know why. 

Which songs do you have on repeat? Which one makes you feel the most emotional? Please share with us in the comments!


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