Real life star couple Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin should win an award for their journey from romantic courtship to wedding. They have been friends for over 10 years and now they're married! Their wedding was held in Bali, just a little over 2 months after they admitted they were dating. Even a movie can't get this romantic! Let's take a look at 10 special moments from the most romantic wedding between two beloved stars. 

The wedding was held at the beautiful Bulgari Hotel & Resorts in Bali on July 31, with the theme color in romantic pink, which was also Ruby Lin's favorite color. The invitation and logo were WR, using the couple's initials.

1. At the welcome party held the night before the wedding, a beaming Wallace introduced Ruby as his "beautiful wife" to everyone. The decor was decorated in pink, and even the seating pillows were embroidered with the bride and groom's names.

2. On the day of the wedding, the first ritual in Chinese tradition is to pick up the bride at her home, in this case the hotel, where the bride leaves her parents to live in her new home with her husband. There were many happy tears around. 

Ruby wore a gorgeous red dress styled with the traditional Mandarin collar. (On her right is famous actress Shu Qi, a best friend, who rushed over for a quick visit before heading back to China for work.) Wallace's best man is his best friend and manager for many years. Ruby's bridesmaid is her half sister.

3. The seaside wedding site was decorated with wisterias, forming a symbolic chapel for the couple. Reportedly 50,000 strands of wisterias were needed for the wedding and the reception afterwards.

4. At the wedding, the bride and groom looked serious as they exchanged touching vows.

Wallace said: "I've known you for a long time. I've felt lucky that we became friend. Now I feel even more fortunate that we are becoming a married couple. The future may hold unexpected ups and downs with lots of challenges. I hope we can help each other, hold hands together with one heart, and work for our future together. I love you."

Ruby said: "Thank you for being good to me. Thank you for tolerating and pampering me. From today on, we are one family. As you said, there may be ups and downs in the future, but we will hold hands and help each other. Whenever you're tired or fatigued, remember, I'll be waiting for you at home. I love you forever and ever."

They kissed, and many of the guests shed happy tears for the couple.

5. They sealed the vows with a passionate kiss.

It was later commented by attendees that Wallace's hand appeared to be trembling as he held Ruby's face. Maybe he was wiping away the bride's happy tears?

6. A married couple!

7. The happy couple at the wedding reception:

8. My Fair Princess reunion: Ruby rose to fame in author-producer Chiung Yao's famous costume drama My Fair Princess. Ruby played the Qing-dynasty princess who was "lost and found." Zhao Wei played her friend, Little Swallow, and Fan BIngbing played Ruby's palace servant. The three beauties had a great reunion at Ruby's wedding. Fan Bingbing also took on the responsibility to plan the wedding.

9. Other close friends to the couple also witnessed their nuptials. They included Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu who just recently held their own fabulous wedding in Bali. It felt like the red carpet with these marquee stars present. Good friend Hu Ge even joined the fight for the bridal bouquet; thankfully he lost.

Photo from L to R: Fan Bingbing, Zhou Xun, Liu Shishi (Cecilia), Zhao Wei, Liu Tao, Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo, Hu Ge, and Nicky Wu.

10. Before the actual wedding, the couple did a gorgeous wedding photoshoot

11. BONUS: As this article goes to press, news came that Ruby's pregnancy was leaked by friends (accidentally) at the elegant banquet in Taipei on August 2. Although pregnancy has been speculated as the reason for their getting married this year, it's an old custom not to announce until it's been confirmed for at least 3 months. Apparently Ruby has been relying on smartly tailored clothes to hide her baby bump.

Although the couple invited about 100 family members and guests to their Bali wedding, they hosted an elaborate banquet after they returned to Taipei for the many more friends who couldn't attend the wedding.

Wallace and Ruby held hands for almost forever on stage. Finally he said, "It's really amazing. From being old friends who can talk about everything to becoming lovers. Now, we're married. Amazing!"

A passionate kiss ensued.

It's been worth the long wait. 

They make such a perfect couple!

I've been following and writing about Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin's romance ever since their surprise announcement on May 20. It's been a most romantic real life love story with a truly happy ending and new beginning! 

Congratulations to Ruby and Wallace! May they continue to be each other's best friends and sweethearts forever and ever!

 ~ NancyZdramaland

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