Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, when lovers from many countries around the world will celebrate by professing their undying love for each other. Giving flowers, chocolates, or going out to a romantic dinner are just some of the ways couples like to spend this delightful day. In Japan, restaurants and shops are going all out with their Valentine's specials, making sure their lovey-dovey customers don't have to go anywhere else to get their Valentine's fix. 

Even if your lover doesn't have a sweet tooth, you still have a variety of options in Japan, where just about any type of food is available for a limited time as a Valentine's special. As you can see in the photos below, it's not just about chocolate anymore. 

1. Heart-shaped Kitsune Udon 

2. Chocolate ramen (miso flavor)

3. Valentine's Day Uni and Ikura Bowl (Sea urchin and cod roe)

4. Valentine's Day banana chocolate sushi roll

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5. Heart-shaped fishcake Oden Set

6. Heart-shaped menchi-katsu and shrimp-katsu (deep fried ground pork/beef cutlet and shrimp cutlet)

7. Valentine special senbei (rice crackers)

8. Heart-shaped shrimp rice crackers

9. Limited Valentine's chocolate and cherry wagashi (Japanese sweets)

10. If all else fails, there's always Domino's