As much as we love G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri, the constant delays of new music have been tasking. Now, with BIGBANG's comeback officially confirmed by YG, all VIPs are going through an emotional process that can only be explained by waiting years for your favorite group to make a comeback. To give us the best visual, here are the 10 steps all VIPs went through this week featuring GIFs of our favorite guys!

Step 1: Waiting. (See G-Dragon)

Step 2: Coming out of hiding.

Step 3. Being skeptical of Papa YG's ambiguous countdown.

Step 4: Confusion at the announcement actually being for BIGBANG.

Step 5: Screaming.


Step 7: Laughing like a maniac.

Step 8: Jumping around the room.

Step 9: Smiling.

Step 10: Finally keeping it cool long enough for friends and family decide you don't need to be committed.

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Are you a fan of BIGBANG? Did you go through these steps? What do you think of the comeback schedule? Let me know what your reaction to their comeback was in the comments below!

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