Matching couple outfits is a popular theme in K-dramas. From matching pyjamas to head-to-toe outfits, you can find it all in your favourite shows. In all of them their expression of love is out there for the world to see and I must admit I'm a huge fan of this tradition. I love to see couples expressing their love through their fashion. Would you wear or have you worn a matching outfit with your loved one? Let me know which is your favourite down below. 

1. Playful Kiss- head-to-toe matching outfits

Oh Ha Ni always made me laugh with her wish to have the world know she and Baek Seung Jo were a couple. They had many matching outfits but this head-to-toe matching couple's outfit was my favourite. Everything down to the boots was the same. Has there ever been anyone cuter than Oh Ha Ni? I don't think so. No wonder why Baek Seung Jo fell in love with her. 

2. Heirs- sneakers

For a slightly less conspicuous look we have Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang's matching sneakers. I love that he is wearing pink sneakers (although given his rather fashion forward clothing choices for Heirs, I can't say I'm all that surprised). They both seem so pleased with their matching shoes.  

3. Personal Taste - matching polos

It seems all the K-drama girls want to match Lee Min Ho. Here we have Jeon Jin Ho and Park Kae In from Personal Taste wearing matching polos in different colours. How pleased does she look? I'd be pretty pleased too! 

4. Secret Garden- matching track suits

I'm not sure I would ever get my husband to wear this matching sweater. Would you wear a matching sequin top with your loved one? Kim Joo Won has a knack for ridiculous sweat shirts in Secret Garden, all "handmade in Italy". I love this eccentric side of Kim Joo Won, and never fails to make me laugh watching the show. 

5. My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox- sauna hats

Nothing says couple like going to the sauna and donning matching towel sauna hats right? Realizing that the director, who doesn't know he has come back to Korea, is at the same sauna as him, Cha Dae Woong and Gu Mi Ho hide under a towel. The director finds it to be a distasteful display of affection but thankfully it brings Cha Dae Woong and Gu Mi Ho closer together. 

6. We Got Married - Global Edition Season 1 - alien pyjamas

We Got Married-World Edition Season 1's couple Ok Taec Yeon and Wu Ying Jie shared this adorable photo of themselves that made fans around the world sigh at their cuteness. This photo of Wu Ying Jie and her ‘husband’ in matching character pyjamas from Toy Story is just too adorable for words. Do you think they could sleep in those things? Doesn't look so comfortable to me. 

7. Tomorrow's Cantabile- couple rings

In Tomorrow's Cantabile we have two couples that sport the couple rings. If you want to do something matching but don't want it to be too obvious go for the couple rings. First Chae Do Kyung and Yoo Il Rak go for the matching couple rings, and do lots of fist bumps to go along with it. I die of cuteness every time they fist bump with their couple rings. Then finally Cha Yoo Jin shows his affection to Seol Nae Il with couple rings. I would have preferred a kiss....but it was something, so I'll take it. 

8. Modern Farmer- apple hats

A village challenge to promote their apples leads to this hilarious scene. While no one wearing these hats are couples, I'm hoping these hats will make an appearance again later on as something couply. Matching halloween costumes anyone? 

9. My Love From Another Star- power suits

I love this scene from one of my favourite dramas. Here Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon storm into her former agency's office donning matching power suits and ready for a fight. This scene is so satisfying as they manage to stand up to the big guys and grow closer as a couple. And they look so fantastic doing it. 

10. Heirs- tourist t-shirts

Another one from Heirs and seen in a few other shows- the matching tourist tshirt. I love this scene because it is where their love really started to blossom. Cha Eun Sang grows to love her quite ugly tshirt and it makes a few comebacks in the show. I have to admit my husband and I have a few of these and I'm not afraid to wear it. Would you do this? 

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Let me know which your favourite is! What's the craziest matching couple outfit you've seen on the streets? I'd love to know.