When I heard BIGBANG was coming to the US for their MADE world tour, I was ecstatic! The fangirl in me was giddy just knowing we were going to be in the same country at the same time. But I made myself a promise. If my friends and I were going to make an epic, cross country trip to see our favorite Korean group, we were going to go all out! So we searched high and low until we found front row tickets, and we can tell you — they were worth every penny!

Here are 10 surprising things that happen when you sit front row at a BIGBANG concert:

1. Celebrity Sightings

Sitting front row had many advantages, but the most unexpected was sitting directly in front of a big-name celebrity. We don't want to name drop, so we'll just call him "Mr. J". We flew half way across the country to see BIGBANG — and left meeting someone famous!

2. Hysteria

The second the house lights went down, there was mass hysteria. VIPs were screaming so loud I was sure my ear drums would never recover — then I realized the loudest scream was coming from me. Whoops.

3. Behind the Scenes Sneak Peeks

A perk of sitting front row is we could see the band members walk onto the stage before the show started. Seeing their silhouettes was almost too much to handle. Somehow we kept it together — until the music started. Then it was game over.

4. Uncontrollable Dancing

Once the music dropped, I no longer had control over my body. Without even thinking I shook, swayed and shimmied to every song — I guarantee I looked like a crazy person. Thankfully the show was so amazing I highly doubt anyone around me noticed. (Fingers crossed!)

5. Shock and Awe

Megan, on the other hand, had an extremely different reaction. She looked like a statue for the entire concert. She stood frozen, gazing at the stage as if she just discovered the meaning of life. She was basically catatonic. Not even the pyrotechnics could break her trance — which was impressive because the fireworks went off directly over our heads (so close we could feel the heat)!

6. Surprises!

At any given moment fireworks, confetti, and garlands erupted from the stage. The stage seemed to have a life of its own - constantly moving, raising, opening, and closing. The two catwalks rolled from one side of the stage to the other — which I imagine was especially thrilling for the fans standing under them!

7. Delusions

In between songs there were Quentin Tarantino-style videos of the band, which were entertaining and beautifully shot. And each member gave speeches which were funny and genuine. Sitting that close, you felt like they were communicating directly to you. At one point I believe I responded with, "Thank you so much." As if they heard me! Being that close made me delusional — in the best way possible.

8. Eye Contact

Just when we thought the night couldn't get any better, a miracle happened: SEUNGRI MADE EYE CONTACT WITH US. It happened during one of the last songs. Our entire row had cleared out and we were the only two left. Seungri walked by, stopped right in front of us, and started dancing and waving as we sang along. This went on for hours. Okay, it felt like hours — realistically it was about 10 seconds. The important thing is that Seungri made eye contact with us. I know it. Megan knows it. Seungri knows it.

9. Recovery Time Needed

The morning after the show we woke up with no voice and sore legs. The price tag for screaming, singing, and dancing like idiots all night. It took me three days to recover. Worth it.

10. Post-Concert Blues

Post-concert depression set in immediately after the show. I think we're still suffering from it. A price we were willing to pay for the incredible high we experienced at the show. We counted down to this concert for 119 days, and BIGBANG did not disappoint!

The best way to overcome post-concert blues is to re-live the experience up close with the MADE Tour concert on DramaFever! Even if you didn't get front-row seats, you can still imagine that you're right there with the guys of BIGBANG: