Major crush Park Hae Jin of Cheese in the Trap proved that he is a fool for his fans at Saturday’s fan meeting, which he generously spent $170,000 to host in order to thank his fans and to celebrate his 10 year anniversary since debuting. Here are 10 sweet moments from the fan meeting that you should see.

1. Oppa flirted with his fans

Park Hae Jin called a few lucky fans up on the spot. As if he were their boyfriend or husband, Park Hae Jin said sweet things like, “I love you,” “I miss you,” and “I’ll be there soon.” 

2. Park Hae Jin walkied around the venue for selfies

Oppa walked around the huge stadium to take selfies with and hug the fans.

3. Park Hae Jin revealed funny anecdotes about his niece So Yool

Oppa revealed that he lives with his six-year-old niece So Yool. “Her head’s gotten so big that she doesn’t believe me anymore. She calls out my lie when I tell her the goblins will come get her if she doesn’t go to sleep early,” the actor said. “Awhile ago, I got her to play in the sand. We play together with toys like that.”

4. Oppa answered fans’ rowdy questions

“I wash my hair first,” Oppa replied to the question about how he showers. “I shower twice when I have a schedule and other days just once.”

5. Park Hae Jin was curious about fans 

Oppa made our hearts drop with questions like, “Where have you been?” and, “Why do you like me?”

6. Oppa revealed his marriage plans

“You have to date to marry,” Park Hae Jin said. ”I haven’t been on a date for years. It’ll be difficult to marry soon. I hope to marry not too late.”

7. Oppa pleased the fans with magic

Park Hae Jin and magician Choi Hyun Woo had a mini magic show.

8. The fan meeting lasted for five hours

Although it was scheduled for two and a half hours, Park Hae Jin had so much to show the fans that the fan meeting lasted for five hours.

9. Fans celebrated Park Hae Jin’s May 1 birthday

Fans brought out a huge cake to celebrate his upcoming birthday.

10. Park Hae Jin cried, thanking his fans

Oppa was so touched that he cried a little. He promised future fan meetings to celebrate his 20 and 30 years since debut anniversaries. “Thank you for staying with me. I love you!” the actor told his fans.


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Park Hae Jin recently fell in love with his first love's sister on his latest drama Far Away Love, which is doing super well in China, and might play Yoo Jung sunbae in the Cheese in the Trap movie.

Two weeks ago, Song Joong Ki had a fan meeting, and just this past weekend, Park Hae Jin had a fan meeting. Would you attend Park Hae Jin’s fan meeting if he hosted one in the United States? Tell us in the comments below!

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