Grim Reaper’s love for Kim Sunny transcended lifetimes. A few moments throughout Goblin: The Lonely and Great God, Grim Reaper would see her face everywhere around him on the people on the streets. You know when you’re in love when you associate random people and things to who or what you love. Such may be the case for fans of the fantasy hit drama. Here are 10 everyday items, people, and places that may bring your thoughts back to the wonderful world of Goblin.

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers.

1. Goblin

Before the show, the common imagery of a goblin was of a green ugly monster. Now, when you hear the word, you think of the show or Gong Yoo’s handsome face.

2. Grim Reaper

Grim Reapers can be cold and scary, or they could be warm and inviting like Lee Dong Wook.

3. Kim Woo Bin

Pressured to have a name to give to Kim Sunny, Grim Reaper goes to Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) for advice on the best name for a man. Ji’s suggestion: Kim Woo Bin. The faux name hilariously sticks with him until we find out he does indeed have a name, Wang Yeo.

4. Candles

Have you tried blowing out a candle to summon your very own goblin yet?

5. Red scarf

For anyone who wants to cosplay Ji Eun Tak, the red scarf is an essential must! The accessory may have belonged to her mother, but for Kim Shin, it was a reminder of his bride.

6. Quebec

The show effectively used the Canadian city of Quebec to match the warmth of Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak’s relationship, making it one of the most romantic cities in K-dramaland.

7. Chicken restaurant owners

Whatever idea you had of how a chicken restaurant owner looked like, Yoo In Na has probably broken it.

8. Fedora hats

The fedora hat to Grim Reapers in the show is to Harry Potter the invisibility cloak, or the ring to Frodo – the ability to be hidden. In the show’s case, the hat meant grim reaper mode on.

9. Butterfly

Every time a butterfly flutters pass, consider it a deity stopping by.

10. BTOB

BTOB fans, Melody, rejoice for Yook Sung Jae can now be called a god - sort of! The actor-idol portrayed third generation conglomerate heir and sometimes deity/human vessel, Yoo Duk Hwa.

Has your perception of anything changed after watching Goblin? Share with us in the comments!

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