If you're busy planning your dream vacation to South Korea, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed about knowing exactly what to bring. Don't worry! Pack these 10 things and your trip will be a breeze!  

1. Cord Adapter

If you're traveling from the U.S. to South Korea and need to be able to charge or plug in your devices, then you will need to bring a cable adapter. The power sockets in South Korea are of type C and F, the standard frequency is 60 Hz, and the standard voltage is 220 V. You will need an adapter that looks like the one pictured below. These can be found easily online. If you find yourself in a big bind, most hotels will lend or rent you one as well, so just ask at the front desk. 

2. External Battery Pack

There's nothing worse than going to take the perfect photo with your phone, or going to open directions back to your hotel, and finding that your phone is completely out of power. Avoid the mess of running around trying to find somewhere to plug your phone in, and bring an external battery pack to keep your phone on the ready. 

3. Wifi Egg, Sim Card, or International Calling Plan 

While South Korea is well-connected to the internet, and you can find free wifi in many restaurants, hotels, and even on the subway, there are those occasions, like if you're out seeing beautiful nature sites, where you need your own way to stay connected.  The best option is to rent a WiFi egg when you arrive at the international airport. You can reserve one before you even fly on sites like  Pocket Korea. The other option is to rent a Sim card, but be aware that if you use your phone for photos, you will lose them when you return the card. Many phone companies also have the option of paying a daily rate to be able to use your data internationally. 

4. Google Translate and Google Maps Apps

If you aren't fluent in Korean, a trip to Korea can seem intimidating, but one thing that can really help is the Google Translate app. If you find yourself in a real bind, you can type in what you are trying to communicate in English and have someone read the Korean translation. It may not be perfect, but usually it's understandable. Google Maps is also a great way to find your way around South Korea, and most locations are written in Korean characters and romanized letters. 

5. Stylish Mini Backpack

Once you leave your hotel and hit the sites, there will be many essentials you'll want to carry around with you all day, and the most comfortable and stylish option is a sleek mini backpack. You see them everywhere you go in Korea, and most of them fit a surprising amount of stuff, like phones, cameras, water, umbrellas, snacks, travel documents, and chargers, while even leaving room for the souvenirs you're bound to buy along the way. 

6. Selfie Stick

Not everyone loves selfie sticks, but don't worry, because Koreans have fully embraced selfie stick culture, and they really do come in handy when traveling solo or wanting to avoid having to ask a stranger to take a group photo. 

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7. Comfy Yet Stylish Walking Shoes

South Koreans are well known for having great style, so while you may not want to wear an old pair of tennis shoes on your trip, you also shouldn't sacrifice comfort for fashion. Avoid blisters by bringing a couple pairs of comfortable, yet fashionable, shoes that you can walk everywhere in. 

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8. International Flight Bag

If you're traveling to Korea from the U.S., you are likely in for a 12-16 hour flight. Once the plane takes off, that's it, so come prepared with these carry-on basics so that you arrive refreshed and ready to go! 

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Items I made sure to keep accessible on my flight included: 


-Sleep Mask




-Toothbrush and travel toothpaste







-Neck Pillow 


-Kindle or book 



9. Sunglasses, Hat, and Layers 

Depending on the time of year you travel to Korea, make sure to check the weather because temperatures are very cold in the winter and hot in the summer. If you are planning on visiting both Seoul and Jeju Island, you will need a variety of clothing, because the temperature can vary greatly between the two. The best approach is to bring several different layers that you can mix and match. 

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10. A Sense of Adventure 

And a sense of humor! Traveling internationally can be challenging, so come with a flexible plan. You may find that you are not able to make it to everything you planned each day, and that's ok! Relax and enjoy the ride! Revel in new experiences like trying new food, and be ready to just take it in stride if things don't go your way. South Korea has so much beauty, that no matter what ends up happening, you'll come away with beautiful and unique memories. 

Visit the Korean Tourism Organization to plan your romantic getaway, and for the perfect personalized trip, contact Ryan at at Good Day Tour at gooddaytourusa@gmail.com.

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