The Grim Reaper isn’t exactly a glamorous job what with the poor salary, lots of late night shifts, and taking the dead to the other side. But Lee Dong Wook is doing a fabulous job as one in Goblin: The Lonely and Great God, and unbelievably, was initially rejected for the role of Goblin's Grim Reaper. The actor worried and thought a lot about the role, but believes he made the right decision in fighting for and taking on the complicated and fascinating character. His reasoning: “everyone got to see something different, a new side of me. Out of all the characters I have played, I don’t have one that I specifically like or don’t like. However, for so many different reasons, the Grim Reaper will be a character that will be in my mind for a long time.” As the show concludes this week, let’s learn more about the actor from the fan paparazzi-style interview his agency KINGKONG Entertainment released through V Live.

Here are the 10 highlights from the interview. To watch the full charming, deadpan-delivered answers, and some behind-the-scenes clips, check out the video here.

1. Lee Dong Wook was born on, "November 6, 1981, in the year of the chicken, and unmarried."

2. He still doesn’t have that business card Kim Sunny has been asking for…

3. Aside from his stellar acting, his looks fit the role with his dark hair and pale skin tone. And those red lips? All natural! In the interview he claims, “…my lips were red from the day I was born.”

4. In response to comparisons that he and Frozen’s Olaf look alike, Wook good-humoredly said: “His nose is a carrot. I cannot accept that.”

5. Like a normal human being, on his break he likes to play games on his cellphone, sleep, and eat snacks. As for hobbies, he first jokingly replied, “My real hobby is doing absolutely nothing.” Which is not entirely true, as he adds: “Watching movies and listening to music alone…that’s it.”

6. Fans have nicknamed the Grim Reaper and Kim Sunny's relationship as “PiChi Couple.” He likes it because it sounds like “peach.” The affectionate term is derived from pizza and chicken. As he explains, “The fedora hat looks like the logo for a pizza brand and Sunny is the owner of a chicken restaurant. So, we are now the “PiChi Couple.”

7. The 36-year-old is great with the household chores! “Cleaning, washing, dishes, cooking…if I put my mind to it, I’m great.” He then quickly followed up with: “But, even if I cook I have to eat by myself, so I don’t.” I’m positive there’s a line of people who would not allow you to eat alone!

8. There are many memorable scenes and lines in the drama. His favorite line in particular is one many people love: “Drink. It will make you forget about this life.” This is a signature line for the Grim Reaper, said when he escorts the deceased.

9. “It’s not SunHee, it’s Sunny” is his best ad-lib moment. “When I was saving Sunny’s name on the phone, on the script, it was ‘It’s not SunHee, it’s Sunny.’ I just figured that the Grim Reaper wouldn’t be great at spaces and double consonants. So, I wrote, ‘It’s not SunHee, it’s Sunny.’ The director gave me the okay for that and the viewers really enjoyed it as well.”

10. Cold Grim Reaper vs. Warm Grim Reaper? Of course, warm! “I think he is so charming because he has such a warm heart.”

What was your favorite Lee Dong Wook fact? Favorite Grim Reaper moment in the show? Share with us in the comments!

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