When I heard Nodame Cantabile was being made into a Korean drama I was excited! The first few episodes were a little rough, but I knew my expectations were high so I decided to keep watching it. I'm so glad I did. The show has grown so much, and is now one of my favourite things to watch. Here are my top 10 reasons that the show is worth your time!

1. The Bromance between Yoo Il Rak and Cha Yoo Jin

Yoo Il Rak's love of Cha Yoo Jin and his insistence that they are best friends was adorable from the beginning. When Yoo Il Rak believed Cha Yoo Jin had betrayed S Orchestra, I felt his sadness with him. Now that Cha Yoo Jin is slowly coming out of his shell and beginning to accept friendship in his life, the bromance between the two characters is one of my favourite things about this show. In the scene where Cha Yoo Jin admits to Yoo Il Rak that he is his best friend, I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. 

2. Yoo Il Rak's dad

As for as crazy K-drama dads, Yoo Il Rak's dad is one of my favourites. His character is completely over the top and goofy, but he delivers the lines so sincerely I can't help but adore him. When Yoo Il Rak is in a bad mood the one day, he tells his dad that he will be nice to him later. His dad replies that all his son needs to do is breathe. That's enough for him. He is the epitome of a loving, doting dad. Feeding his son's friends, offering to carry his son around, being protective of his son's heart. Seriously, I just love him and you will too if you give him a chance!

3. The music

Even for those who usually don't find classical music all that exciting, the music in this is so great. It makes me want to get out all my instruments and start playing them again. And boy, do I ever wish I could play the piano like that. 

4. Lee Yoon Hoo

For those who love a great second lead, Lee Yoon Hoo will not leave you disappointed. Second Lead Syndrome is alive and strong in this show. Lee Yoon Hoo has a sad story, he is kind and thoughtful to Seol Nae Il, and he is just an all around a good person. It's also fun to watch the rivalry between Cha Yoo Jin and Lee Yoon Hoo, especially now that it seems Lee Yoon Hoo is going to be trying out conducting. Will they get into any more physical confrontations? Or will they begin to understand each other better? I can't wait to find out. 

5. Cha Yoo Jin's smiles

At the beginning they were so rare. But when he did smile it was so satisfying. Now we are being graced with them more often. Something darker is coming though and I have a feeling those smiles are going to become rare again.

6. Mini Min Hee

Has there ever been anything more adorable than her? I think what makes her even more adorable is that she doesn't try to be so cute. In fact, she seems pretty grumpy a lot of the time. She is always the last to forgive, or to be willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt. And yet she is a fiercely loyal and dedicated person all wrapped up in a teeny, tiny package. 

7. Yoo Il Raks relationship with Jung Shi Won 

Aside from a bit of rivalry at first, their relationship has been so fun to watch develop. I think one of my favourite moments in the show so far is when Yoo Il Rak and Jung Shi Won did a fist bump. Yoo Il Rak has such an expressive face. It was if he couldn't believe the moment was happening to him. And when it was over, the pure joy and amazement on his face at their simple touch- let's just say I thought it was the best!

8. Song Mi Na’s ridiculous outfits

The first few times I saw the dean I thought her clothes were interesting but I kind of dismissed it. But each time I saw her I felt her outfits were becoming more absurd. Some more so than others. She is such a beautiful women she could make anything look good, but even she struggles with some of these outfits. Each episode I can't wait to see what she is wearing next!

9. Seol Nae Il’s puppets

At first it was a bit weird but now I can’t wait to see her using them again. Because Seol Nae Il has matured, and probably because I understand more about why she is the way she is, the puppets don't seem so out of place or gimmicky. I love the scenes where she uses them, especially because it seems to soften Cha Yoo Jin and make him smile. 

10. Cha Yoo Jin and Seol Nae Il's relationship

I left the best for last. Their connectedness over music and understanding of each other is so romantic. Cha Yoo Jin's willingness to accept Seol Nae Il where she is now, but also wanting her to grow makes for a great dynamic between the two. Her unwavering love for Cha Yoo Jin is a K-drama trope that I love and could continue to watch forever, and this show certainly does not disappoint. I can't wait to see how their relationship continues to develop. It is the main reason I think this show is worth your time! 

photos: (dramabeans, dramafever, kdramastars.com)

Now that the series is a little over half way through, how are you feeling about Tomorrow's Cantabile? Have you come around to it? Comment below and let me know what you think!