Did you know that IU loves to take baths? Or that Lee Sun Gyun might not be as sweet as he appears on screen? How about the fact that Lee Ji Ah isn’t the actress’s real name? Scroll down to reveal seven interesting facts about the cast of My Mister.

1. IU has a lot of “mister” fans

Several “ahjussi” celebrities have said they’re IU fans, including news anchor Son Suk Hee, pictured above with IU, and singer Park Wan Kyu.

2. Lee Sun Kyun is nothing like My Mister’s Park Dong Hoon

“My character Park Dong Hoon and I are so different that I felt a bit flustered in the beginning,” Sun Kyun said at the My Mister press conference. “I’m focusing on how to convey the weight of [his life] as I film.”

3. Apparently, IU is pretty popular in North Korea

When You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin aired back in 2013, it was the most popular K-drama in North Korea, and many North Koreans who watch K-dramas "knew IU," according to Hankyung.

4. IU’s ‘Good Day’ played on the South’s propaganda radio station

IU’s ‘Good Day’ played on V24, the South Korean propaganda radio station supposedly run by the national intelligence agency. They also have been blasting IU’s songs toward the north side of the Korean peninsula since 2015.

5. Lee Sun Kyun isn’t as sweet as he appears on screen

You may have already been fooled by his soft smile and sweet voice, but his Pasta costar Gong Hyo Jin says Sun Kyun isn’t like that at all in real life. His true personality is as “sangnamja” ("manly man") as it gets. He loves to play sports and grab drinks with friends.

6. Lee Ji Ah changed her name three times

Lee Ji Ah changed her name to Shea Lee around the time she married Seo Taiji in 1997. When she returned to Korea, she changed it to Kim Ji Ah, though she’s better known by her stage name Lee Ji Ah.

7. Go Doo Shim has received more awards than any other TV actor

Go Doo Shim, who plays the three men’s mother in My Mister, received the best actor awards from KBS, MBC, and SBS from 1989 to 2000. She also took the trophy home from Baeksang Arts Awards, officially becoming the only actor who’s received every TV award available in the industry.

8. Jang Ki Yong dreamed of becoming a model in high school

Then, 11th grader Jang Ki Yong, decided to become a model after watching Lee Soo Hyuk on the runway. Interestingly, Ki Yong later inspired Nam Joo Hyuk to become a model. Did you guys notice how tall Ki Yong was in It's Okay, That's Love?

9. Song Sae Byuk lives on Jeju Island


He made a brief appearance in Hyori's Bed And Breakfast: Season 2.

10. IU hasn't been to a public bath in forever

She hasn't visited a Korean bathhouse, called jimjilbang in Korean, since 2004. But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy baths! At a 2015 concert in Busan, she told the fans that she had a perfect day, mentioning that she took a bath at the hotel. (For more IU facts, click here and here)

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