Tang Wei and Wu Xiu Bo are both top Chinese actors, but they cannot be any more different in their background. In real life, they are like 2 stars far apart in the sky who are nevertheless destined to intersect in a special movie, Finding Mr. Right (also titled in Chinese as Beijing Meets Seattle). Here are 10 interesting things that you may not know about Tang Wei and Wu Xiu Bo.

Beautiful actress Tang Wei has an eye for exquisite gowns that perfectly complement her natural beauty and poise. Whenever she shows up on the red carpet, the difference between her elegance and other celebrities with showy gowns cannot be greater.


1. The 35-year old actress was born in Hanzhou in China's Zhejiang province, to a former stage actress and a painter. Her family name is Tang. She originally aspired to become an archaeologist or a lawyer and did not plan to be an actress. She was discovered when she worked as a guide for Taiwanese director Stan Lai, who recommended her to other directors. She obtained some minor roles.

2. Her big break came when she was selected from more than 10,000 actresses to be the female lead in internationally famous Taiwanese director Ang Lee's 2007 movie Lust, Caution, and she co-starred with veteran actors Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Joan Chen, and hot singer-actor Leehom Wang. She learned both Shanghainese and Suzhou dialects for the Chinese period drama and was trained in a more formal style of dressing and acting. Tang received numerous nominations and won awards for her performance and extended her rising fame to beyond China. 

3. Unfortunately, she was punished by the Chinese authorities for her sexually revealing scenes in Lust, Caution (and especially with a character who was a Chinese traitor who collaborated with Japanese invaders in WWII.) In 2008, she was banned from performance, including advertising endorsements. The official reason given was that her performance in Lust, Caution would result in negative impact on the younger people.

4. During the ban when she could not work in China, she went to England to study stage acting and improve her English. She also changed her residency to Hong Kong, a Chinese territory, allowing her more freedom to get projects. She was able to star in a Hong Kong film, Crossing Hennessy, in 2009. It was her first movie after Lust, Caution, and a door was opened for her to reboot her acting career. The ban of her performance in China was also eventually lifted.

5. The year of 2010 would become significant for Tang Wei as she starred with popular Korean actor Hyun Bin in the movie Late Autumn. She was adored by the Korean movie critics and fans as she won Best Actress at the 47th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards. A few years later, she and Late Autumn's director, Kim Tae Yong, would reconnect and marry in 2014.

6. In 2013, the movie Finding Mr. Right became a huge commercial success along with critical acclaim. Tang Wei proved that she would rise again like the mythical phoenix despite the government ban that could have destroyed her acting career.

Wu Xiu Bo is a versatile Chinese actor, producer, and musician, and also a 46-year old man who is not afraid to show his grey hair. He doesn't fit the flower-man look. He is, however, magnificently charismatic, and his on-screen charm transcends his looks. He is equally adept in both historical and modern roles.

7. He was born in Beijing. His mother was a pharmacist and his father was a diplomat. The family name is Wu. He graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 1987. He worked as a popular singer in two Beijing bars from 1995 to 2000, when he became disenchanted with his early acting career. At one time, he tried business ventures but failed. He returned to acting in 2002 and has become a sought-after actor with successful leading roles in historical and modern dramas. (Read more about him HERE.) 

8. In Divorce Lawers, the hit Chinese romance comedy drama with a twist, he played a top divorce lawyer who was heartbroken by his cheating wife and eventually found new love with another lawyer (played by Yao Chen), but not without a lot of arguments first. They now both admit that they really didn't like each other when they started filming, but as the drama evolved they also became good friends from gaining better understanding of each other, presumably through the arguments.

9. He married in 2002 when he was 34 and has 2 sons with his non-celebrity wife. At the time, he was at the low of his career. To this day, he shows appreciation to his wife for giving him support and encouragement by giving her all of his paychecks to manage their joint finances. He calls himself the ultimate feminist who places his wife as #1 and vows to protect his family's privacy and not let them get hurt.

10. Finding Mr. Right proved to be such a critical and commercial success that there is a sequel in the works with the original stars Tang Wei and Wu Xiu Bo reprising their roles. Wu plans to lose 10 kgs. (or 22 lbs.) for the new film.

Are you ready to watch Finding Mr. Right? I am.

~ NancyZdramaland

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