Park Yoo Chun's birthday is today, and the world has officially been blessed by his "chunface" for 29 sweet, sweet years. The Sensory Couple actor is more than just a handsome face; Yoochun has become known for his hilariously expressive facial expressions. Here are 10 times fans were killed by adorable chunfaces!

1. Lets start with one of my favorite chunfaces — the overly excited chunface! 

2. Only second to the adorably shy smile chunface. 

Isn't it the cutest?


3. Park Yoo Chun seems especially good at chunfaces when he's eating! Wouldn't he be the most entertaining dinner date?

As long as you don't mind him chewing with his mouth open..

Which how could you with this cute little mouth-full grin and eyes smile?

4. And no one is better at surprised and shocked faces than Yoochun!

I mean, how funny were his scenes in Rooftop Prince?


Oh no he didn't!

5. And then there are the times he's being just plain derpface!

This one gets me every time!

He was especially good at playing derp in the hilarious Sensory Couple!

6. Let's not forget the annoyed chunface

7. The overly dramatic anguished chunface

7. The confused chunface

8. The botched attempt at a come-hither stare chunface.  

9. The moody chunface

10. And the delicious chunface!

Happy birthday Yoochun! What's your favorite Yoochun drama? What's your favorite chunface? Comment below! 

Celebrate Yoochun's birthday by marathoning Sensory Couple: