If EXO-L's wrote a book, it would be called, I Love You, Though It Is Really Hard To Love You In That Outfit because, although we have everlasting love for our boys, it can be hard when they are wearing the worst possible clothing. Including unforgettable mishaps like the "tennis sandals" and the "puffy sleeves," we present to you ten times EXO had questionable fashion styles.

1.) The Dreaded Dreads 

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EXO's "Wolf" era was a golden age of fashion failures, and this one definitely takes the cake. As much as I like Kai and this music video, I cannot help but giggle every time I see him show up with those dreads. They just didn't fit his face quite right and the bandanna added too much of an urban look for his personality. Overall, the look wasn't right for him or anyone in EXO. 

2.) Princess Sleeves 


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Puffy sleeves are the trademark look of almost every classic Disney princess and now the trademark of failed EXO styles. They just look too bulky and out of place on these handsome boys to be taken seriously. 

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I am all for being creative and fashion forward, but their stylists totally missed the mark with this one. Not just once, but twice. Maybe next time guys. 

3.) Awful Anvils And Other Confusing Items

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Honestly, what is that on their clothes? Are those anvils I see? It's all so cluttered and confusing that I don't even know where to look, but what I do know is that my eyes hurt if I stare to long. This was just an airport fashion disaster of amazing proportions.

4.) Overdosed On Bucket Hats

In what situation do these hats look good? Practically never and it definitely doesn't in the "Overdosed" music video. These hats just don't fit the concept of the video or the outfit designs whatsoever. It's like SM ran out of money in the hat budget and just bought these from Party City in a last minute attempt to keep the outfits together. I was definitely not overdosed on these and I don't know anyone who was. 

5.) The Tennis Sandals. 

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At first glance, you'll see this picture of Kai and think, "Why is this on the list? He looks completely fine." But wait a moment....

WHAT. ARE. THOSE?!?!? Well, those, dear reader, are tennis sandals and are most likely the worst item on this list. In no situation, should these shoes be worn by anyone ever and especially shouldn't be worn by our resident dancer, Kai. The concept of an open-toed tennis shoe is just really awkward by design so seeing it done in this outfit just ruins the pure aesthetic the outfit gives. Overall, a catastrophic fashion fail. 

6.) Neigh To This Sweater

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Oh, Chanyeol...Why horses? Words can't describe how disappointed this shirt makes me. The look is kinda like something you would wear while lounging around at home, not while out at a very public event. It's overall just a bad shirt.

7.) Flightless D.O. 

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It's honestly a really rare occurrence to see a stylist successfully pull off a design using feathers and sadly, this isn't one of those instances. This shirt looks like D.O. was trying to become an off-colored version of Big Bird from Sesame Street. Definitely, not one of my favorite EXO outfits. 

8.) Striped Sehun

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Generally, I'm a huge fan of stripes, but this is a situation where I actually hate the use of stripes in an ensemble. There are there are three different colors of stripes (none of which are corresponding) and a solid based blue, which gives a clashing look. I think I would like it more if it wasn't for the strange brown or gold color, but I still don't think it is a Oh Sehun quality shirt. 

9.) Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life For D.O.

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This fashion disaster is what the fandom has dubbed as the "Pirate Sleeves", because not only are they puffy and somewhat out of place, but they look like something straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean. It's definitely not the worst item on this list, but this jacket definitely wasn't the most redeeming piece of clothing from the "Wolf" era. 

10.) Kris



Kris, oh, Kris.....Where to begin with him. Although the ex-EXO member is a widely known fashionista, he has quite a few instances where his fashion pretty much missed the mark completely. He, in fact, had so many fashion mishaps that could've been added to the list that I felt it best to just give him his own category. 

Which fashion failure was the worst? Are there others you would add to the list? 

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