With only a few days until the "2015 FTHX" tour comes to the United States for their stops in New York City and Los Angeles, there are reasons to celebrate. Members Lee Hong Ki, Choi Jong Hoon, Lee Jae Jin, Choi Min Hwan, and Song Seung Hyun certainly have some big personalities so here are 10 of our favorite funny moments from FT Island.

1. When no one could take Jeremy's forehead kiss seriously in You're Beautiful (as seen in this behind-the-scenes footage). 

2. When Weekly Idol hosts decided to test the vocal ranges of Hong Ki and Jong Hoon.

3. When they failed an interview challenge and started jumping around like kangaroos.

4. When Jong Hoon and Seung Hyun made a parody of the kiss scene in You're Beautiful.

5. When the boys challenged CNBlue to an aegyo battle (and Yong Hwa was certain it was the most painful experience of his life).

7. When they made a parody of Boys Over Flowers... They even gave Hong Ki the Joon Pyo perm.

8. When the group unexpectedly called Park Shin Hye for a quiz on Kiss the Radio and she did well.

9. When someone decided that tongue twisters that include oinking like a pig HAD to happen.

10. When they blew everyone away on MTV Unplugged! (Not really funny, but definitely awesome)

Did you enjoy the funny moments of FT Island? Are you a fan of the group? Will you be going to see them at either of their concert stops in the US? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments below! Also, don't forget that you can enter to win tickets to the "2015 FTHX" show in Los Angeles. Click HERE for more details on how to enter!

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