Lee Dong Wook has got to be one of the hardest-working men in K-dramas. He recently finished filming his drama Hotel King, he's currently on the reality series Roommate, and now he's going to star in the upcoming DramaFever exclusive series Iron Man! The synopsis for the show says that he's a cold-hearted man who carries so much emotional pain that he can literally sprout knives from his heart. His character my have a sharp, stabby heart, but Lee Dong Wook has the exact opposite effect on his fans. Here are 10 times Lee Dong Wook melted our hearts:

1. When he was so adorable with his mom

Roommate has helped fans see a lot of wonderful moments with Lee Dong Wook, but one of the best is at the very beginning of the show, when we find out that he's been living with his mom for 34 years, and she's sweetly protective of him.

2. When he sizzled with the tango in Scent of a Woman

3.When we really wanted a ride on this yacht

4. When he made us fall for chaebols in My Girl

The 2005 drama wasn't the first love story to feature a cold heir as the male lead, but it was one of the early ones to spark later popularity.

5. When he took "business casual" to a whole new level

What makes this picture even better is how nonchalant he is with his man-purse.

6. When he gave us hope for actor reunions

He has fabulous chemistry with all of his costars, but it was a real treat when he was reunited with his My Girl costar Lee Da Hae in Hotel King, especially since there were 9 long years between the two shows. Patience pays off!

7. When we discovered his secret hobby

Lee Dong Wook has said that he owns over 200 manwha books! He loved them as a kid, but he couldn't afford to purchase as many as he wanted. Now that he's an adult, he uses their storyboard-like format to help him learn about directing and producing. That's dedication!

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8. When we were 100% convinced that he should never, EVER grow facial hair again

...but then he made us seriously reconsider that decision:

9. When he totally mastered the shower brood (from Scent of a Woman)

10. Okay, one more from Roommate: When Jo Se Ho convinced him to film a lip sync to "Love Is An Open Door" from Frozen:

What's your favorite Lee Dong Wook drama? Are you getting excited to see more of him in Iron Man? Iron Man premieres exclusively on DramaFever September 10 after the conclusion of Joseon Gunman. Sign up HERE for new episode alerts!

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