Weren’t you surprised when you saw yourself in IU's character Kim Bo Tong in Pretty Man? I laughed a lot because what she does for Dok Go Ma Te (Jang Geun Suk) is just what I do for my K-star biases. Sometimes, it's just my guilty pleasure to spend my time, money, and passion loving them. People may judge, but I am happy to love them. These are 10 moments from the first two episodes of Pretty Man that Kim Bo Tong and I were practically like fangirl twinners.

1. When my phone, computer and room are all plastered with photos of K-stars.



I even became familiar with Photoshop and other editing programs just to make my own K-star wallpaper.

2. When I am scolded by family, especially my mom, for loving K-stars too much.

Sometimes I imagine an absurd fantasy about becoming the lover of a K-star, like someone in a K-drama, and that shakes my whole day.

3. When I often grin because of thoughts of K-stars wherever I go.

While eating, buying, or doing something, I think of my stars, and smile alone. And that looks weird.

4. When I write or put K-star’s names in my notebook, my phone, and sometimes even public places.



I even changed my friend’s name to my biases name in my phone to enjoy the moment when my friend called me.

5. When, even if I eat nothing, I feel full and satisfied when I watch K-stars eating food.

6. When I earn and save money to buy something for K-stars, and I endure poverty to see my K-star's face.



There are CDs, MP3 files, DVDs, pictorials, goods, calendars and concert tickets to be bought. Also, a flight ticket to Korea.

7. When I fall in love at first sight with the same person again and again and keep having a crush on a K-star.

New K-dramas and albums come out and our favorite stars become even more gorgeous than before. They are the same people, but they come back with even more charm.

8. When I am way too obsessed with things involving K-stars.

I am a little too interested in places where my star visited and things that they touched, wore, or used before.

9. When I feel humble in front of my K-star.

My lover seems to be my faith. I am so thankful that they are in existence in the world, and are celebrities so that I can love them.

10. When I mumble to myself about what I want to ask K-stars, and then answer myself.

I am not crazy, I've just fallen in love deeply.

IU looks so cute when she plays Kim Bo Tong, but I know the character is pretty much just based off of me and you because the meaning of her name, 보통, is 'average or ordinary' in Korean. I am just waiting for Ma Te to look back at her as his lover. Then I can imagine it's really me!

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