It's not a Dramaland secret that CNBlue frontman and actor Jung Yong Hwa usually plays the soft second lead type in most of his dramas. Basically, stealing your heart and making you feel all the feels are in his regular itinerary. Here are 10 times Jung Yong Hwa was perfectly perfect.

1. That time he posed like this (WARNING: HOT!).

2. That time he smiled and threw up the peace sign and you were like "awwww".

3. That time he grave Park Shin Hye a ride on his bike and you were like "ME TOO ME TOO".

4. That time he sang "Lucky" with IU and you were like "UGH YOUR VOICE! IU YOU LUCKY GIRL".

5. That time he did some aegyo and said I love you and you were right there with the audience screaming your head off.

6. That time he appeared on Running Man and tore off Kim Jong Kook's name tag.

7. That time he screamed "Seohyun-ah I love you" and you wanted to be Seohyun.

8. That time he gave So Yi Hyun a necklace and kissed her and your face looked like Park Shin Hye's.

9. That time he shared headphones with Yoon Eun Hye and looked at her lovingly.

10. That time when he said this to Han Chae Ah, and you were like "YESSSSS"

BONUS: That time he gave you a thumbs up and it made your want to do anything for his approval!

There you have it, all the times Jung Yong Hwa made your heart go crazy, in a good way. What about Jung Yong Hwa stole your heart? Let us know in the comments section, or tweet me at @_elenitenzin. And don't forget to catch Jung Yong Hwa as Park Se Joo in Marry Him If You Dare right here on DramaFever!

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