K-Pop stars have a tendency to look like 2D-characters-come-to-life with their fashionable outfits, multi-colored hair, and sharp makeup. Whether intentional or coincidental, their look and style can resemble some of your favorite characters from animation, books, film, and even toy dolls. Here are 10 examples of celebrities bringing characters to life in K-Pop land.

1. Rap Monster (BTS) – Minion

Many fans commented "Minion!" on Rap Monster’s outfit of the day post in July 2015. The BTS leader loves sharing his daily attire tagged #KimDaily on Twitter. When he posted this outfit with blue overalls and a yellow shirt, complete with clear rimmed, round glasses, it made people wonder if it was all a coincidence or was he, indeed, inspired by the character. When BTS’ 2016 Season’s Greeting DVD came out in December 2015, the rapper wore the same outfit in a photo shoot along with member JungKook, who also wore a similar outfit.

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2. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) – Barbie

All the Girls’ Generation members look like dolls by default, but in one particular “Lion Heart” performance from 2015, Taeyeon had an uncanny resemblance to a favorite childhood toy. With her shade of blonde hair and the group's pink ensemble, she looked exceptionally like a real-life Barbie doll.

Photo credit: Mattel

3. T.O.P (BIGBANG) - Joker

Watching the first few scenes of T.O.P in BIGBANG's “Bae Bae” music video, I couldn’t help but notice how much he looked like the Joker with the purple suit and cane. Whereas the Joker traditionally wears a green shirt and yellow vest, the rapper was coordinated with a yellow tie and turquoise shirt -- what a rebel!

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4. Yerim (Red Velvet) – Raggedy Ann doll

Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb” music video is diverse with an eclectic range of outfits and sets. One of their outfits looked like a cross between a maid costume and a Raggedy Ann doll. For the few scenes with the outfit, each member had red colored bangs similar to Raggedy Ann’s red hair. Yerim most closely resembled the doll as she was coordinated with a purple apron that matched the tone of the doll’s original blue dress.

Photo credit: Target

5. Heechul (Super Junior) - Elsa

Super Junior, collectively, are no strangers to dressing up. Years ago they arrived at Incheon airport dressed as Iron Man, Goku, and Spiderman, among other characters. If you follow Heechul, you may already know that he is a big Frozen fan! The photo above was posted on his Instagram when he was dressed as Elsa, featuring Super Junior M member Henry, who is holding his hand.

Photo credit: Disney

6. Hyejeong (AOA) - Harley Quinn

If Harley Quinn was a Korean girl group member, she would come in the form of AOA’S Hyejeong. In the auto racing-themed music video for AOA’s Japanese single collaboration with singer T.M. Revolution, “Ai wo Chodai”, everyone is dressed in race-inspired outfits. For the choreography scene shot in the garage, Hyejeong’s look resembled the Batman universe character, with her blonde hair and high-tied pig tails.

Photo credit: DC Comics

7. Minhyuk (Monsta X) – Jack Frost

Jack Frost has a real-life doppelgänger in the form of Monsta X’s MinHyuk. In the boy group’s self-cam-filmed video for their song “Perfect Girl,” Minhyuk looked exactly like the Frozen character, including the hair, the smirk, and the sweater.

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8. Crayon Pop – Sailor Moon

Crayon Pop’s “FM” music video is a whirlwind mix of influences from Power Rangers to, reportedly, even the game Halo. The other noticeable influence is Sailor Moon. The main difference is that the colors of Crayon Pop’s uniform don’t match Sailor Moon’s to a tee (the girl group is missing green and teal blue), because each member is wearing the same color as the track outfits they wore in the “Bar Bar Bar” music video.

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9. Taeyang (BIGBANG) – Effie Trinket

I love you Taeyang, but Effie Trinket called and she wants her hair back! This one is a bit of a stretch, as he only resembles her in one of his looks for BIGBANG’s “Monster” music video with the hair style and flamboyant styling. However, you can’t deny he at least belongs in Effie’s crew.

Photo credit: Pinterest

10. AOA – Catwoman

The song and music video for AOA’s “Like a Cat” was quite literal to the title. The choreography has the members mimicking cat movements and dressing like Catwoman. Actress Michelle Pfeiffer (pictured, top right corner), who played the character on screen, would be proud!

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Do you have any other examples of K-pop idols bringing your favorite character to life in their looks? Be sure to share with us in the comments!


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