Korea’s newest drama obsession, the melodramatic-on-triple-turbo-speed Secret, has spawned with it a newfound appreciation of Bae Soo Bin, that tall, dark and baddie-bad glass of handsome. You might also recall him in 49 Days, in which he similarly made us both hate and lust after him. Here are 10 pieces of proof that sometimes you just can’t resist a bad boy like Bae:

1. Let's begin.

Oh, hello there.

2. As Kang Minho, the evil fiancé extraordinaire of 49 Days.

But a part of you still thought he was really, really hot.

3. ABS.

Some days, I feel like I exist for these kinds of photoshoots.

4. More.

5. More.

6. He's all, "Yeah. I know."

Man's got that smile.

7. Seriously, that smile.

8. Aaaaand cue all the fuzzy cute.

My heart can't take this, Bae Soo Bin.

9. He pulls this off.

Ah, the feared, unconquered nemesis of many Korean men: the beard.

10. Yes, please.

Yes, yes, yes.

Which time got you the most flustered?