Romantic web series Noble, My Love will make its DramaFever debut today! Leading man Sung Hoon has already caught our eye with various roles, and we can't wait to see him winning Kim Jae Kyung's heart as Lee Kang Hoon in this series. In case you aren't familiar with this handsome actor, here are 10 times he slayed us with his charisma.

Sung Hoon was born Bang Sung Hoon on February 14, 1983. (Yes, Valentine's Day. Maybe that's why he's so swoon worthy?) He made his acting debut with a splash, winning the 2011 SBS New Star Award for his lead role in New Tales of Gisaeng. Since 2011, he has continued his career with a steady stream of one role each year, and many fans recognize him best as the mysterious assassin with the beautiful hair on Faith. Let's see some of his best looks!

1. Mastering the whole "superstar at the airport" vibe 

2. Please, allow me to gaze directly into your soul.


3. Oh, just contemplating the meaning of life...

4. Everyone knows that gazing out a window really helps with contemplation. So does guyliner.


5. Man, I just hate when I wake up dressed in a half-buttoned suit with perfectly tousled hair! #hotpeopleproblems


6. Keeping all of my buttons buttoned is so very very hard!


7. Anyone who thought this hairstyle was a terrible idea on paper clearly underestimated the power of Sung Hoon.


8. From historical bad boy to modern bad boy


9. Lest the bad boy vibe go too far, it's best to flash a charming smile every once in a while. 


10. Finally, for good measure, Sung Hoon snuggling an adorable kitty, courtesy of his Instagram. Who can resist a man with a kitteh? NO ONE.


Are you a fan of Sung Hoon? Which photo is your favorite? Are you excited to see Noble, My Love? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don't forget to check out the series trailer: