Have you fallen in love with Changjo's character style on Sweden Laundry? Changjo's style in real life is even better! The Teen Top member has aced the Fashion 101 class, and I have the photos to prove it!

Watch Changjo win hearts on the latest episode of Sweden Laundry:

1. Debut clothes are always creative. His burnt orange and white jumpsuit is the way we 21st century people are suppose to dress. It brings back fond memories of the futuristic cartoon The Jetsons.

2. The "First Kiss" singer was a little daring in the aquamarine outfit for Teen Top's "Roman" album photo shoot. Nonetheless, he looked like a member of a royal family in his jewel-toned suit.

3. A pair of suspenders becomes him. This classic ensemble looks like it came straight out of period K-drama. He cleans up well in any decade.

4. He knows how to rock the fabulous red hair! 

5. I love this tux in-the-making. The textured pinstriped suit is perfectly accented by his silver chain and black leather collar.

6. He is simple and stylish. A dark wool coat and skinny jeans look like the ultimate fashion statement on Changjo.

7. He showcases just enough sex appeal in his crisp blue shirt.

8. Two-toned hair and a scarf with geometric designs look fashion forward on Changjo for Teen Top's "Artist" album concept.

9. A casual grey and white striped shirt and black pants are relaxed and in style.

10. Besides the cute school boy outfit, his heart for Sweden Laundry is adorable.

Pick the look you love. Which Changjo fashion statement is your favorite?

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Image Credit: The Star magazine