Pinocchio premiered this week, and so far, the fan reviews for the Park Shin HyeLee Jong Suk series are excellent! We know some of you were a little worried when we poked some good-natured fun at her kissing scenes for the show's premiere, but don't fret! We know she's always been a girl crush-worthy actress. Here are 10 reasons we will always love Park Shin Hye:

1. She creates memorable characters

Who could forget the cross-dressing nun Go Mi Nyu or the introverted shut-in Go Dok Mi? Regardless of the role, Shin Hye always puts her personal stamp on a series.

2. She's multi-talented

PSH isn't limited to just acting. She also has a lovely singing voice, which she showcased on the Heirs soundtrack. Here she is performing live at the DramaFever 2013 Awards:

3. She has amazing style

Even though she rocks school uniforms in a lot of her shows, in real life she consistently has an impeccable, chic wardrobe. For example, take a look at this dress from the Pinocchio press conference. It is to die for.

4.  She gives back

Park Shin Hye is known for participating in a wide variety of charity work, from working in soup kitchens in her free time to helping out with charity auctions. For example, she recently donated 50 million won (~$48,100 USD) to relief efforts for the Sewol ferry tragedy.

5. She has the best facial expressions

One of the things that makes her fun to watch is her variety of facial expressions. They match the characters so well!

6. She skipped her awkward phase

Seriously, her first drama role was in 2003, and she looked adorable. She's been acting ever since then, and she somehow managed to miss the incredibly awkward phase most of us hit. No hideous glasses, no uncontrollable acne, nothing.

7. People all over the world love her

She was just named as the first Korean celebrity to model for Visa in Asia, which is a testament to her worldwide appeal.

8. Everything she touches is a hit

Park Shin Hye is one of the most sought-after actresses in Korea, and so far, her track record has proven her star power.

9. Her co-stars love her

Lee Jong Suk is just one of the top Korean stars who has publicly praised her.

10. We can follow her on Instagram!

As of TODAY, she started an Instagram account, which hopefully means we can look forward to behind-the-scenes selcas from her shows! Her username is ssinz7.

What do you like best about Park Shin Hye? What's your favorite of her dramas? Comment below, and make sure to check out Pinocchio.