July 10 is Gong Yoo's 35th birthday! The handsome star of Coffee Prince and Big has won over the hearts of many fans with his talent. Here are just a few of the times we were happy to celebrate his birth:

1. When he made us believe in true love

"Whether you're a man, or an alien--I don't care anymore." As we know, gender-bender dramas can be a hard sell, but Gong Yoo worked equally with Yoon Eun Hye to make us believe his love.

2. When he made a cameo, and we all squealed with delight

Dating Agency: Cyrano was stuffed to the brim with cameos, but Gong Yoo's had to be one of the best in terms of timing. Of course the girl's dream man was Gong Yoo.

3. When he wrote the book on how to kiss properly

4. When he was surprisingly talented at growing facial hair

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5. When he made nerds sexy

From his movie Finding Mr. Destiny

6. When he made this face, and our collective ovaries exploded:

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7. When we knew he was too old to be a student, but he sold the backpack look anyway.

8. When he used his talents for good

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In 2013, Gong Yoo was named as a special UNICEF representative to advocate for children's rights.

Watch APink's Eun Ji play an aspiring singer who makes her dreams come true in the adorable romantic comedy Trot Lovers

9. When he winked, and our hearts melted

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10. When we couldn't wait for his next leading role

Happy birthday to the charismatic and talented Gong Yoo! What's your favorite of his roles? Comment below!

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